Guide to Create player with correct stats entered


Feb 8, 2013
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I am looking to create players in the editor but am aware that the CA/PA has an effect on the numbers entered for the stats, age aswell and ive also heard that giving a player too many positions/natural positions dilutes the stats aswell.

I am just wondering if anyone can either detail or if there are any guides that explain how to create a player in the editor so that he generates in-game with the stats that you have hand picked and entered.

Further, how these stats then develop depending on what has been entered, e.g, how to create a late bloomer or a Maldini as such that they peak late and last, I know this is generally a thing with defenders anyway, but I am not sure if natural fitness/stamina would possibly play a part in this?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advanced
I've been having problems myself with this also. I create my player aged 15 with CA 120 and PA 200 but when i start game and check Genie Scout his potential is only 70%
Natural fitness affects the longevity of a players career, along with professionalism I believe.

I've also found that determination, professionalism and temperament will influence the levels of potential that a player can reach. It's frustrating because a player such as Maradona will not reach his potential unless you give him unrealistic stats - he was very unprofessional and temperaamental but you have to give him high values to make him become the world beater that he was.

The best thing to do is trial and error. Input stats and try holidaying for a number of years to see how a player develops. Also, don't trust everything you read on genie scout, I don't think it's 100% accurate.

The most frustrating thing about creating players is the way that the AI develop them in game. I try to recreate former players but it's so difficult when they are developed completely against the numbers I put in, because the AI can make them better players for their position.
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