Jul 13, 2012
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Name: Guillermo Burdisso
Club: Boca Juniors
Nationality: Argentinean
Position: CB
Age: 23
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I don't know how well-known this kid is, but I've never seen anyone mention him...
I actually first saw and bought him when FM13 first came out, but I thought he was a regen until he cropped up again last night!

If he is tutored and trained correctly, he can become one of the best CBs in the game by the time he reaches 27-28!

I bought him on the original 13.0 database for £6.5m, and on the latest 13.3 one I have negotiated an offer of £9m, although I had to pull out (I couldn't afford him). This is quite steep for smaller clubs, but is not alot for a great CB for the bigger teams!

Start of the game SS (Latest patch):

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Unfortunately I no longer have the save which I bought him on, but he had been one of my best performers for Arsenal, and had been in the European team of the year twice, and had been runner-up in the 2016 World Cup!

If anyone has a future screenshot, preferably after being trained by you, please share it!!! :D