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Gunning for greatness

Zlatan Lumic

Jun 2, 2014
(Author's note: I've been checking around some of the stories and I've seen some users, like for instance PatrickLFC, actually show the results of their conversation with the players.
So I decided to implement that here but with a twist, instead of posting the screenshots of the actual conversation I'll narrate how it went ingame in order to give a bit more of character development to the story... or so I hope.
Also I'll be doing that for conversations I consider worth mentioning)

"Hmmm... Crowley seems to be responding well to his loan spell, it's true that he's on a League 1 squad but that's actually pretty encouraging... Maybe he'll be ready to be a nice player for a Championship team next season..." I mused to myself as I was immersed on the huge pile of match reports of loanees that was placed on my desk.

*knock* *knock*

"Yes, come on in" I answered while still peeking through the reports.

"Is it a bad moment by any chance?" Asked Olivier Giroud, with a pretty concerned look on his face "if that's the case I can come back later..."

"I was just checking some reports, but it's nothing specially important" I answered nonchalantly "What's on your mind?"

"I... it's just... that I feel that I should be getting more first team football... I feel like I'm getting closer to my peek and I'd like to enjoy as much as football as I can before my physical condition starts declining"

"Why didn't you tell me this a few days earlier?" I let out a heavy sigh before continuing "I could have arranged you a way out to a team where you could have enjoyed a more important role on the team"

Giroud turned pale and his expression shifted from concern to fear "W....wait... don't get me wrong boss. It's true that I want to play but I definitely want to stay here"
"Okay then... allow me to be blunt for once" Giroud nodded as I was talking "You can't expect me to drop a striker with a one goal per game ratio"
"I know...but...."
"I feel really comfortable here, I've come to love both the club and the city and the idea of parting ways just..."
"I see, you just became rooted here so to speak"
"Why do say that like it was a bad thing!?" Giroud reacted bad at my statement.
"Simmer down and let me finish..." Ollie settled down for the time being "It's not a bad thing per se... Fans love you and it's no wonder why, you've been the last big striker since Robin van Persie".
"And that's bad because..." Giroud started be really puzzled by my words.
"I've told you to let me finish, haven't I" My stern tone caught him off guard "the main problem here is that you never had real competition here"
"That's not true! There was Arshavin"
"Who sadly didn't work"
"...and Podolski"
"Who ended up becoming a huge flop, and as a (half) German that ****** me off..."
"What about Welbeck?"
"Don't get me started on this one please..." I rubbed my temples as I though about Danny's future "it will be quite the headache".
"Is something the matter? Something I can help you with?"
"Don't worry, that's something the rest of the staff will deal when the time comes"
"If you say so boss..."
"The problem here is this is the first time you've had actual competition for a place in the starting eleven and you don't know how to deal with it... It's understandable"
"What should I do then boss?"

I made a slight pause and let out a small sigh, this was starting to tiring me out... but it was part of my duties as a gaffer here.

"Listen... I like the idea of you leaving as much as you do."
"Of course, you've been a fantastic servant to the club so far and you always gave your all... But that doesn't mean I can give you starter status sadly"
"I...I see"
"Look, seasons are incredibly long and full of matches in England so you should still have plenty of game time to prove your worth... Besides next season your rule could be more important"
"Next year the African Cup of Nations will be held again, which potentially means one month without Aboubakar"
"A month to claim my position back if I take advantage of my chances, right?"
"Bingo" I chuckled as I sensed how his mood lightened "Besides you're a good influence for players like Hinds or Fortune, so don't ever forget that you have spot here".
"Thanks boss, I feel better now"
"Don't mention it"

Well that certainly tiresome, but at least we avoided a nasty scenario like that with Joel Campbell on November so that's definitely good. "Man... I definitely need a coffee..." I mused to myself as I went back to the reports.

Zlatan Lumic

Jun 2, 2014



View attachment 165107
We started the month visiting west Bromwich Albion, the baggies were able to put such a fight but Aboubakar's deadly accuracy managed to grab the win for us in the end.

View attachment 165106
We played against Sunderland at home in a match that seemed a carbon copy of the one played at the Stadium of Light, the black cats managed to strangle the game for a whole half but the situation thankfully changed as the lads managed to break through the bus parked in front of Pantilimon's goal in one of the best offensive displays shown so far this season.

View attachment 165105

As I feared Anfield would mean quite the trouble for us and boy... I sure was right. Pretty even match where both teams could end up getting the three points and maybe the most fair result would have been a draw... But we were a little more inspired on our chances and that was enough of a reason to get yet another 3 points.

View attachment 165104
From one war to another, we visited the Vicente Calderón for the Champions League's first knock out round. Once again it was a pretty even match where both squads could have ended up as victors but our slight superiority on the first half was enough to give us a vital advantage for the second leg in the end.

View attachment 165103
I don't know what kind of effect Liverpool has on our lads but we end up struggling every time we go there. The schedule sent us to Anfield again where a team full of rotation players was barely unable to withstand both Liverpool's offensive football and aggresive defense.
Aboubakar managed to score a vital goal that sent us to the next round in a match the we didin't deserve to win... but with an incredibly high price to pay: Kieran Gibbs will miss the reminder of the season as he got injured by a brutal tackle by Roberto Firmino.

View attachment 165097
And back to the league to play against Chelsea in a match that we had to win to be mathematically qualified for Champions League (IN FEBRUARY!).
We became Chelsea's black beast this season and is no wonder why, the blues were unable to stop our lads and they should be thankful to leave the Emirates with only 4 goals conceded as they could have been easily been more.

View attachment 165095
And we closed the month visiting Wembley for the Capital One Cup's final against the citizen. It was an incredibly even match that needed to go the extra time to get a champion... But thankfully for us there was Grealish to save the day again and got us the League Cup after a 23 years drought with a fantastic brace.

League Table

View attachment 165092
It wasn't easy but we kept our unbeaten run for one more month and grabbed mathematical qualification for the next Champions League, if we managed to to extend it for one more month we could end next month as Premier League champions!

Player of the Month

View attachment 165087
He only managed to shine in one game, but he chose the right one to do so. Jack Grealish's performance in the Capital One Cup's final was vital for us to lift. The young winger became the hero of said night with a brace and ended the cup as top goal scorer with 6 goals (including a hat trick against Chelsea to boot).

Other News

-Arsenal's bad luck in the draws continues for one more round as they'll play against Manchester City in FA Cup's 6th round, the match will be held at the Etihad Stadium.
-Héctor Bellerín wins the Best Young Player of the month award, making this the third time in the season for him to claim such award.
-Jack Wilshere's goal against Chelsea is considered the best goal of the month.
-Chuba Akpom is impressing with the tigers as he ends up as the best young player in the Championship this month.
-Dan Crowley ends up the month as second best young player in the League 1.
-Kaylen Hinds keeps his terrific performance in Scotland and ends up the month as the second best young player.
-Óliver Gil refuses to let his monthly crown go and ends up as best manager for the 7th time in a row.

Wilshere managed to put a magnificent finale in the match against Chelsea.

Zlatan Lumic

Jun 2, 2014
(Author's note: Remember kids, don't play FM late at night... I was playing my match against Bournemouth pretty late at night and I ended up dozing off during the second half, when I woke up the match ended...XD)



View attachment 164793
The hammers got hammered. Impressive performance of my lads who wiped out West Ham completely in a one sided match where Aboubakar scored his first "poker" of goals.
West Ham only managed to prove two things in the Emirates: the saltiness of their manager (seriously, your team loses 6-1 and the first thing you do after the match is shouting how the rival's manager is an overrated and good for nothing piece of **** and shifting the whole blame of the defeat on your players? Slaven... For Pete's sake eat some humble pie will you...) and the brutal "defense" of the hammers: 26 fouls and both Aboubakar and Ramsey will miss the whole month due to injury... The nickname "hammers" is not for show huh...

View attachment 164791
We visited the Liberty Stadium to play against Swansea in a match that in case we won, we would become mathematically Premier League champions.
We used a pretty rotation heavy squad, but the lads didn't disappoint and we ended up taking home not only three points, but also the Premier League and the third trophy of the season.

View attachment 164790
We moved from the league onto European football, Atlético de Madrid visited the Emirates with the need to oveturn the leg. The lads were vastly superior and managed to extend the gap thanks to a goal by Walcott, however Atlético managed to draw the match thanks to a magnificent goal scored by Saúl Ñíguez.
Maybe we deserved the victory this time around but oh well... Good result in the end and we move to the quarter finals.

View attachment 164789
Back to England once again, but this time to play against City in the FA Cup. The citizens went all out as this the last real chance they had to get some silverware at the end of the season and played way better than us, but in the end the match can be summed up like this: they put the football, we put the goals.

View attachment 164787
Back to the league against a Bournemouth that is still fighting bravely against relegation, the cherries put up a really brave fight and played an offensive football in an attempt to take advantage of the accumulated fatigue of our lads but they're accuracy wasn't as keen as ours and that meant an underseved yet solid defeat for them.

View attachment 164786
We closed the month visiting Carrow Road, in a match against a Norwich that managed to catch us off guard with an early goal by Mbokani but failed to give us the coup de grace and couldn't do nothing as the lads were able to overturn the match in the end.
Paul Kim scored his first goal with the senior team.

League Table

View attachment 164785
We managed to claim the Premier League two months before the end of the competition against all odds.

Player of the Month

View attachment 164784

Despite not being acknowledged in the form of a monthly award, Bellerín has been the most determinant player in the whole month and his contributions were vital against rivals like Manchester City or Atlético de Madrid.

Other News

-Arsenal's bad luck streak with the draw goes on as they'll have to play against Chelsea in the FA Cup semi finals. The other semi finals match is Leicester City-Watford.
-Luck has decided to smile Arsenal for once in a draw as they'll face Borussia Mönchegladbach in the Champions League's quarter finals.
-Mesut Özil is named best player of the month, while Emmanuel Mammana ends up in second place.
-Mammana claims the best young player of the month and Andrija Zivkovic ends up in third place.
-Future gunner Lewis Cook ends up as the third best young player of the month.
-In a bizarre turn of events Manuel Pellegrini ends up snatching the manager of the month award, the "Engineer" gets the award despite having played (and thus won) one match less than both Óliver Gil and Jurgen Klopp who also had a flawless (and fuller) month.
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Zlatan Lumic

Jun 2, 2014
(Author's note(s):
1-> As previously stated only newgens/regens worthy of being developed and the best regens of every batch generated by the club will get a custom face. (In the first batch only two regens got it)
2-> About the promising regen from Leicester: I'll show him in the next transfer market as I'll have already signed the lad).

"Come on lads! A bit more of passion, we're almost finished" I was so caught on shouting instructions to my players during trainers that I didn't notice someone sneaking behind me and tapping my shoulder to get my attention... Needless to say it was quite the scare.
"Do you have a few minutes to spare?" Asked our head of youth development, Andries Jonker.
"Dang it, Andries! You scared the **** out of me"
"My apologies..."
"Accepted" I let out a somehow exhasperasted sigh "Anyway, is there anything I can help you with?"
"Did you read the reports I sent you about the new batch of youth candidates?"
"Aye, I took a look at it"
"What are your thoughts about them?"
"Training's almost finished. Can you wait for 10 to 15 minutes? Then we can debate about it more calmly"
"Sounds good to me" Andries nodded after hearing my query "I'll see you in your office in 15 minutes then".


"Well... let me be honest... And by honest I mean blunt"
"I'm all ears"
"This new batch is lacking in both quality and quantity" I scratched the back of my head as I let my thoughts out.
"This is true"
"But we're a team that excels at gathering talent rather than generating it"
"That's true as well"
"I would love that our academy started developing their own share of talent even if it was ever slightly".
"Let's go step by step my friend, I'm sure things will get more balanced on the future" Andries tried to cheer me and get along with my wishful thinking.
"I'll take your word on that" I chuckled slightly at his remark "But yeah, I agree with your reports as I think that there might be some diamonds in the rough waiting to be polished there"
"Yeah, I'm thrilled about Rich Collin's potential! He could be Premier League star material in the future" Andries enthusiasm was more than obvious as he expected a lot of that kid.
"Yeah, he looks promising. But I'm also keen on following the development of Keith Blake".
"I don't think that Blake will make it all the way there if you ask me..."
"Consider it a gamble of mine if you will" Andries was still showing disbelief despite my claims "It's true that he's still too green but he should have a potential similar to other prospects like Hinds or Malen, with the proper gudance he could reach a potential similar to that of Aboubakar"
"If you say so..."
"Anyway... when is the match?"
"What match?" Andries looked puzzled by my question.
"The match between our U18 and the youth candidates"
"Will you be attending it?"
"Sure... why not?" I was the puzzled one this time around.
"Don't you trust my criteria by any chance?"
"It's not like that. It's a way to show my respect to kids, these kids have come from pretty far away... heck one of them has come all the way from Trinidad and Tobago just for having a chance to be a part of our youth ranks. The least I can do is show them my respect by attending the match and seeing their displays by myself"
"Okay then, It'll be held tomorrow".
"Perfect, I'll be there"


The match was nothing too special: The U18 squad gained the upper hand from almost the start of the game and managed to have a 3-1 advantage by the half time.
Things were looking grim for the candidates when they got a player sent off and the U18 squad led by a stellar Dragomir scored two more goals getting a whooping 5-1 result... but then by either complacency of the youth squad or just sheer pride the candidates managed to put a brave display and scored 2 more goals before the final whistle.
5-3 in the end with some decent perfomances by Collin (1 assist) and Blake (1 goal and 2 assists).

"I wish we had a promising goalkeper in our youth ranks..." I heavily sighed "Just look at that mess!"
"Tough luck my friend"
"Figures" I scratched the back of my head slightly annoyed "I'll leave the paperwork issues and the final judgement to you, just make sure that those two we talked about get to join our youth ranks"
"Yes, it shall be done"
"Good to hear. And by the way"
"Could you scout for more young players to join? Most of the current U18 will move to the U21 squad next season and I'd like to bolster our ranks as much as possible"
"Sure, no problem" He answered nonchalantly "Is nationality an issue? Should I focus on English prospects?"
"I don't think that nationality could prove a major issue per se... But if possible give some prefence to English kids"
"Okay then, I'll keep my current search then" He handed me another report, one showing data from a Leicester City's academy "Here, take a look at this"
"Let's see... Looks promising, he's right midfielder but can also play as right back... Could end up being a Premier League leading right back if properly retrained... And hardcore Arsenal supporter..." I mused out load while checking the data "Sign him"
"Consider it done"
"Perfect, keep up the good work"

View attachment 164565
Not much quality nor quantity... But oh well, what can we do...

View attachment 164564
The best of the bunch, potential similar to that of Ramsey if he develops properly.

View attachment 164563
In the worst case scenario Charlie Austin like potential, in the best Aboubakar like potential.

Zlatan Lumic

Jun 2, 2014


lewie100 said:
How can you go the WHOLE BPL season with NO losses AND NO draws??? Wow...
Welcome to the story and thanks for dropping by ^^
Having unbeatable seasons is not rare in my saves, I remember a save on FM15 with Sutton United in which I didn't lose any match until League 2 (like two seasons and a half later)... But I haven't actually managed to pull it off in a top flight league yet (the closer I was to achieve it was on a FM13 save with Real Sociedad where I ended up drawing 5 matches and losing 3).

It would be nice to manage getting a flawless season, but let's not jinx it as there are still some tough fixtures like the visit to the Etihad (just in the middle of the Champions League quarter finals), the North London Derby or home match against Everton (the team that was closer to beating us and Lukaku has scored 26 goals so far).

As for how... Well, I can't tell you how exactly...
Maybe the tactic rotation has helped in that regard, since I guess that switching tactics makes it harder for the AI to try to adapt to them than if you only use one (mere speculation, your guess is as good as mine).
There's also the players who have been superb so far, Aboubakar has scored 29 goals in 25 games, Cech is the keeper with most clean sheets and even the rotation players are responding (Giroud 12 goals in 15 league games for instance).
And of course there is also a bit of luck involved, matches like the one against Watford or Sunderland could have easily ended 0-0, Norwich almost caught off guard in Carrow Road, Liverpool (at Anfield) and City (at the Emirates) could have ended grabbing the win should they had a little more accuarcy... and of course there's the match at Goodison Park, I still don't understand how we won that match... the Toffees were vastly superior, but hey... I'm not complaining XD

Other than that I don't know what to tell you, I just focus my goal one game at a time I guess XD

Zlatan Lumic

Jun 2, 2014



View attachment 163000
We started the month playing against Southampton at the Emirates, the Saints tried to put up a good fight fight but sadly for them their accuacy was terrible and were unable to create any chance at all, while our lads on the other hands were inspired... specially Giroud who managed to score a brace.

View attachment 162998
Media said that this match was going to be a walk in the park... Oh boy... How wrong they were... Gladbach might be the weakest link on the eight remaining teams in the competition (alongside Olympiakos that is) but let's not forget that we're talking about a team that managed to end up first in a group where Barcelona was on it AND managed to knock PSG out...
The match started really well for us as we managed to strike fast in the first minutes thanks to a stellar Giroud, and during the first half we managed to expand our advantage to 0-3.
However the German squad managed to steamroll us in the second half and managed to score 2 goals that still kept them alive in the competition.

View attachment 162997
This match was pretty much of a **** move as it came right inbetween of the Champions League quarterfinals, the Citizens were vastly superior in a match that they could have taken advantage of our fatigue and managed to get ahead of us but they were unable to finish us off and we managed to turn the tables on them in the last 20 minutes.
We grabbed an underserved win from the Etihad but hey... you won't hear me complain about it.

View attachment 162996
This match was the polar opposite from the first leg, Gladbach managed to strike fast and score a goal that let them keep dreaming about a miracle... but that's pretty much it, from that moment onwards they were completely brushed aside by our offensive football and they should consider themselves lucky the lads only scored two goals, but they could have easily gone to Germany with a 5-1 or 6-1 instead.

View attachment 162995
Aston Villa visited the Emirates with the objective to grab a win that allowed them to get away from relegation spots, but in the end they end up relying on Guzan to avoid a beating. Despite having a rotation heavy team the lads managed to corner an Aston Villa pretty much unable to do anything to stop us, only Guzan was able to make a miracle as he managed to neutralize Aboubakar and Austin on his own.

View attachment 162994
I can say that I respect and pity the magpies at the same time, Newcastle is a team that always plays really good against us and try to fight us with all they got but it never ends well for them.
As it happened at the Emirates, Newcastle managed to put up a quite a commendable fight and cornered us for quite some time... however while their strikers were unlucky ours were incredibly inspired.
Sadly this win had a high price to pay as Aboubakar ended up injured again and he'll be unable to play for a month: he'll miss the rest of the season AND the top scorer award (most likely).

View attachment 162993
We played against Chelsea in the FA Cup Semifinals, it was a pretty even match where the only difference was once again our lads' accuracy, thanks to Giroud and Grealish (who's the top goal scorer of both cups by the way) gave us a two goals advantage.
In the second half Chelsea managed to react and Kennedy, who started the match as a sub, scored a goal that woke Chelsea up, the blues desperately tried to grab an equalizer but thankfully Mertesacker and Koscielny managed to neutralize them.
After forcefully picking the hard mode (Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea in a row) we get to play yet another final.

View attachment 162992
We made all the way to the semifinals in the Champions League and the rival wasn't precisely easy: FC Barcelona.
We got to visit my hometown in order to play the first leg of the semifinals, things looked bright for us as we managed to score two goals in only one minute, but things were gonna get real hard as Barcelona managed to get us trapped in our area for most of the match and managed to score a goal that kept them alive... Just to make things a lil' bit more interesting Gabriel Paulista got sent off and we had to play the last minutes with 10 players.
But still we grab an extremely important win from Barcelona that allows to keep dreaming for at the very least ninety more minutes.

View attachment 162991
We closed the month in our home against the league's surpise: Everton, the toffees visited the Emirates determined to prove why they're the second team in the league table but sadly for them it was not their day, Lukaku failed to create any good chance during the match and Deulofeu made things worse for them scoring an own goal.

League Table

View attachment 162990

We're only two matches away from the flawless season

Player of the Month

View attachment 162989
It wasn't easy but Giroud managed to fill Aboubakar's gap on the team and scored really important goals this month as the matches against Gladbach, Barcelona or Chelsea prove.

Other News

-Arsenal will play against Watford in the FA Cup final.
-Jack Grealish and Calum Chambers end up as second and third best players of the month respectively.
-Alex Iwobi, currently on loan at Aberdeen, claims the Ladbroke's Premiership player of the month award.
-Óliver Gil claims the Manager of Month award back.
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Zlatan Lumic

Jun 2, 2014



View attachment 161113
We started the last month of the season with the Champions League semifinal's 2nd leg, while on the first leg Barça was superior to us the things were way more even this time around as we were able to fight on equal ground with the blaugranas from minute 1 to the final whistle.
Giroud made Barça's mission almost impossible with a brace, but the true "star" of the match was the referee as neither of those penalties were actually penalties.
We made yet another step, we made yet another upset into the European football scene as we made it all the way to the finals... Real Madrid awaited us after knocking Bayern München out on the penalty shootout.

View attachment 161112
Back to the league and it was time for the North London Derby, the spurs caught us battered after the Champions League effort and were superior to us on the pitch but they were unable to take advantage of said superiority and we only needed one chance to take the win from White Hart Lane.

View attachment 161111
Final League match of the season, we were only one match away from a flawless season and the lads were more than eager to make it happen.
Unlike the previous match our lads were vastly superior but an inmense Butland managed to frustrate our attempts over and over and over... Only Charlie Austin the man who started it all (he scored our first league gol this year) managed to break Stoke's near impregnable wall.
We managed to make a miracle happen.

View attachment 161110
With the league finally over it was time for the finals, first came the FA Cup final against a Watford that managed to beat Leicester City 3-0 in the other semifinal and managed to make things hard for us in every matched we've played them so far.
We used a quite rotation heavy team since the Champions League's final were around the corner and worked wonders as the lads didn't give a chance to the hornets who ended up unable to stop an outstanding Jack Grealish who also ended up as top goal scorer in this cup.
Comfortable 3-0 win that serves to extend our FA Cup supremacy for one season.

View attachment 161109
It was finally here, it was probably now or never... We set foot on San Siro with only one thing in mind: Making yet another miracle.
Before the start of the match Real Madrid's "gaffer" was badmouthing not only me as a manager (fraud and good for nothing were probably the kindest things that got out from his mouth) but also my players... clearly stating how they were gonna steamroll us with utter ease... But alas... Much to Benítez's dismay more than 80.000 souls on San Siro and hundreds of millions of souls around the globe were able to see a thrilling match and while it was unexpected we made all the way here for a reason.
The team gave its all from minute 1 to the final whistle, they fought on equal ground and nullified Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale completely.
The only difference between they and us was the accuracy, we managed to have an incredible clear chance thanks to a silly penalty made by Marcelo and Giroud engraved his name with golden letters in the club's history by making that chance a reality.
That night we made a miracle, that made we made history... that night we made Benítez cry for three days or so (after the match he kept whining as how they were superior, how they deserved to win and how badly they would kick our arses next time we played).

League Table

View attachment 161106
We did it! We managed to make a miraculous campaign! A record that can never be broken... only matched at best. Probably I won't be able to see something like that happening again during my career or even durng my whole life... This team is simply amazing and I'm incredibly lucky to be able to work with them.

Player of the Month

View attachment 161105
Man, myth, legend. Giroud will be tied to the club's history as the man who gave us our very first Champions League.

Other News

-Jack Grealish ends ups the best third young player of the month
-Kaylen Hinds (on loan at Kilmarnock) ends up as the third best young player of the month in the Ladbroke's Premiership.
-Óliver Gil claims yet another manager of the month award, it's the ninth of the season.
-Petr Cech ends up snatching the Barclays Premier League's Golden Glove.
-Jack Wilshere's goal against Chelsea is considered the best goal of the season.
-Phillipe Coutinho gets the PFA Player of the season award.
-Eden Hazard gets the FWA Player of the season award.
-Kevin De Bruyne ends up snatching the PFA Young Player of the season award... DESPITE BEING 24 FRIGGIN' YEARS OLD... and having worse numbers than players like Héctor Bellerín, Raheem Sterling, John Stones or Harry Kane who were in an actual age range to actually winning it.
-Vincent Aboubakar manages to claim the BPL's Golden Boot after scoring 31 goals throughout the season.
-Óliver Gil claims the Manager of the Season award.
-BPL's team of the season: Petr Cech (Arsenal), Pablo Zabaleta (Man City), Eric Dier (Tottenham), Per Mertesacker (Arsenal), César Azpilicueta (Chelsea), James Milner (Liverpool), Phillipe Coutinho (Liverpool), Juan Mata (Man Utd), Eden Hazard (Chelsea), Vincent Aboubakar (Arsenal) and Romelu Lukaku (Everton).
-Sacking galore in the Premier! Remy Garde (Aston Villa), Michael Laudrup (West Brom), Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham) and José Mourinho (Chelsea) lost their jobs. On the other hand Manuel Pellegrini (Man City) left the citizens on its own accord.
-Alexis Sánchez is named second best player in Europe this season, Luis Suárez ends up third while Lionel Messi retains the award.
-Olivier Giroud ends up as the Champions League's golden boot after scoring 11 goals.
-Champions League's dream team: Keylor Navas (Real Madrid), Héctor Bellerín (Arsenal), Laurent Koscielny (Arsenal), Jérôme Boateng (Bayern München), David Alaba (Bayern München), Theo Walcott (Arsenal), Santi Cazorla (Arsenal), Mesut Özil (Arsenal), Alexis Sánchez (Arsenal), Olivier Giroud (Arsenal), Lionel Messi (Barcelona)
-Óliver Gil is considered one of the most succesful Spanish trainers after his terrific campaign as Arsenal's gaffer and he's now considered as the 9th most succesful manager.

View attachment 161104
We're making progress.

For the next posts I'll be covering how the season ended in Europe's most important top flight leagues (England will be covered a bit more in depth too), both Champions and Europa League and how my previous teams managed to fare this season.
Also I'll be doing a squad analysis after the end of the season coverage.

Next posts won't have too much action going on but a few informative post every now and then are necessary.
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Zlatan Lumic

Jun 2, 2014
End of season Review (I)


View attachment 160994
This current season was quite the atypical one in England, Arsenal caused a major upset after breaking the media predicitions completely and achieving a flawless season and not conceding any point.
Most of the bigger teams performed pretty poorly and barely managed to save the season at the very end like Chelsea (who got an extremely undeserved 4th spot) or Tottenham (who got to qualify to European football thanks to Man Utd).
Teams like Everton and Newcastle managed to perform extremely well but the season ended up having an extremely bittersweet taste: the Toffees lost their runner up spot and ended up stuck in Europa League in the last match due to Lukaku's goal drought in the final month while the magpies, despite playing one of the most offensive and enjoyable football in the whole division ended up without Europa League due to goal difference.
Worth mentioning is the case of Manchester United, the red devils found themselves in 17th place at some point of the season, which caused Louis van Gaal's sacking and David Moyes' rehiring, with the Scottish manager Man U managed to climb positions in a frantic way until getting themselves 6th and qualifying for Europa League...But that's not all, Moyes also fixed Van Gaal's European mess (got them knocked out of the Champions League in the Group stage) by winning the Europa League, which grants them Champions League football next season and allows Tottenham to play Europa League.
Also is worth mentioning Aston Villa's case as a reverse Man U case, the team found itself in a somehow comfortable mid table spot and rushed themselves all the way into relegation.

View attachment 160989
Arsenal ended up claiming the FA Cup for the thrid time in a row, it wasn't an easy path to the final as the gunners had to deal with Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea before being able to claim a spot in the final.
On the other path we had a surprising Watford that managed to surprise everyone by defeating teams like Manchster United and Leicester City until making it to the finals... But sadly for them it wasn't enough to cause yet another upset and claiming their first serious piece of silverware.

View attachment 160986
Arsenal managed to win yet another League Cup after a long 23 year drought. Unlike the FA Cup the Capital One Cup was full of surprises as there were more Championship teams in the final stages with Leeds United and Wolverhampton Wanderers making it all the way to the semifinals, Wolves caused the major Cup upset by knocking Liverpool out in the quarterfinals at Anfield.
The finals were between Arsenal and Manchester City in an incredibly vibrant and even match that had to drag into the extra time to find a winner.


View attachment 160984
Spain's season was somewhat similar to that seen in England, Real Madrid managed to claim the league title with little to no opposition as neither Barcelona nor Atlético were able to keep up their rythm and ended the season with almost 100 points.

View attachment 160983
Real Madrid managed to make a double as they claimed this season's Copa del Rey, the "merengues" path to the final was as they got rid with ease from teams like Las Palmas, Getafe and Athletic de Bilbao. In the finals we could see a Madrid derby in which Real Madrid had to wait until the penalty shootout to beat their neighbours.


View attachment 160981
Bayern Münich gets to reclaim the league title for yet another season, the Bavarian giants managed to keep their supremacy with relative ease as neither of the regular opposition like Shalke, Leverkusen nor Dortmund could keep up with Guardiola lads' rythm.
Köln and Darmstadt managed to cause the season's major upset as they both qualified for Europa Leauge next season in which might be considered a miraculous season as Darmstadt was a newly promoted squad and Köln managed to be in 2nd place for quite long portion of the season (like Everton in England).
Wolfsburg becomes the biggest disappointment of the season as it was unable to grab European football spots this year.
On the lower part of the table Hertha Berlin managed to survive one more year in the Bundesliga by barely winning the playout against Bochum and Ingolstadt's predictable relegation means that there won't be Bavarian derbies in the Bundesliga next season.

View attachment 160979
The DFB Pokal was somehow similar to the Capital One this season as teams from Germany's second tier managed to cause some serious impact, specially both Frankfurt teams who made it all the way to the semifinals.
The final was a German classic: Bayern-Borussia Dortmund with a narrow win for the Bavarians who claimed themselves a treble (they beat Wolfsburg on penalties in the German Super Cup).


View attachment 160976
There was no surprise here as Juventus kept their league supremacy yet another year, the Vecchia Signora seems unable to find opposition as neither the teams from Milan nor AS Roma managed to get near Juve's 1st place at all.
There was some major disappointments like Napoli and Fiorentina's lack of European football next year, the southern Italian squad was regarded as one of the teams closers to ****** Juventus' spots at the season start by the media while the Viola saw how their season got to waste in the last two months (they managed to get themselves 3rd for most of the season).

View attachment 160975
Unlike the league, there was a surpise in the Coppa. Lazio managed to save its season by beating Juventus in the final.
The other team from Roma had to take care of teams like Sampdoria and AS Roma to get to the finals and beat Juventus in the penalty shootout.


Zlatan Lumic

Jun 2, 2014
End of season Review (II)


View attachment 160959
Major upset in France, Olympique Marseille manages to break PSG's supremacy and claims and incredibly league by barely beating both PSG and Monaco that will have to settle for 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
Olympique Lyonnais gets dropped from Champions League's spots and will have to settle for Europa League, while Girondins Bordeaux comes back into Europe after an excellent campaign.

View attachment 160958
PSG claims the Coupe de France but it doesn't manage to convince while doing so, the Parisien need the extra time to get rid of Ligue 2's side Clermont and the penalty shootout to get rid of yet another Ligue 2 side: Le Havre.
In the finals they needed penalty shootouts yet again to beat a Lille that deserved way more.

View attachment 160950
Olympique Marseille makes a double after claiming the Coupe de la Ligue against an Olympique Lyonnais that fought extra hard and managed to drag the match all the way to the penalty shootout.


View attachment 160947
Porto managed to reclaim the Portuguese's scpeter after a two years drought, the Dragões won the league title with relative ease as both teams from Lisbon seemed to seriously underperform throughout the enitre season.

View attachment 160945
Benfica claimed the Taça de Portugal after beating its town rivals Sporting quite soundly in the finals by a convincing 3-0.
However the major surprise was the modest Lisbon's club Os Belenenses who made it all the way into the semifinals before losing against its bigger neighbours Sporting.

View attachment 160943
Major surprise at the Taça da Liga as the modest club Arouca managed to claim the title, after beating the group stage against all odds, the team managed to beat Sporting Braga in the semifinals and Porto in the big finals after a long match that needed the penalty shootout to see a victor.
Arouca claims its first serious piece of silverware much to whole country's surprise.


View attachment 160939
Ajax claims the league title back in a long and even season, where they had to fight until the very end against a Feyenoord who became the season's biggest surprise. The club from Rotterdam managed to resurrect after a long season of disappointing seasons and ended up two victories short of claiming the Eredivisie for themselves.
The season disappointments were PSV who could only end up 3rd and AZ Alkmaar who will miss European football after losing to ADO Den Haag in the European Playoffs.

View attachment 160938
Willem II saves its season by winning the Cup after a dreadfully long 43 years drought, the team from Tilburg managed to do an excellent cup campaign after beating teams like Twente, Heerenveen or Feyenoord before defeating Roda JC in the finals.

Zlatan Lumic

Jun 2, 2014
End of season Review (III)


View attachment 160935
Fiorentina's season started in a disappointing way as they could cause the first major upset of the season and ended up losing badly against a FC Barcelona who didn't manage to get any major piece of silverwarer this season.

View attachment 160934
This competition is the living proof of England's supremacy in European football, Manchester United managed to get over its shameful Champions League's early knock out by advancing through rounds beating fierce rival after fierce rival like former champions Fiorentina, Schalke 04 and Liverpool before defeating Tottenham in the finals.

View attachment 160931
Major upset in the Champions League as an incredibly unlikely champion was crowned. Arsenal managed to claim its very first Champions League against all odds after surviving the "Group of the Death" (Juventus, Olympique Lyonnais and Wolfsburg) and beating opponents like Atlético de Madrid, Borussia Mönchegladbach (this season's surprise after beating Barcelona in the groups stage and knocking PSG out) and FC Barcelona before beating Real Madrid in the finals.

Zlatan Lumic

Jun 2, 2014
End of season Review (IV)

How did my former teams fare?

1860 München

The lions had a hard season in the 2.Bundesliga, the media predicted them to struggle really hard to avoid relegation and almost nailed it... As the team from Munich barely got out from the playout spots during the whole season, but a really good last month managed to get them in a comfortable 12th place but only two points away from relegation spots.
Their Cup experience this year was very short lived as they were knocked out in the very first round by Bayer Leverkusen after losing 1-3.
Real Sociedad

Comfortable yet slightly disappointing season for the Txuri Urdin, the team from San Sebastián stayed away from relegation spots during the whole season and mid table was a regular sight for them. At the end of the season they finished 9th in the table and only four points away from playing Europa League... which is quite a bummer (so close yet so far...).
Their cup experience was quite short as they only advanced one round before being soundly defeated by Deportivo de la Coruña in the 5th round.

AC Fiorentina
Bittersweet season for the Viola, who saw how their hard work throughout the season ended up giving no rewards whatsoever.

They started the season with two sound defeats by 0-3 in the Super Cups against Juventus and FC Barcelona, which is not the most desired way to start a season...
In Champions League they got to play against Manchester City, Zenit and Genk, their performance was actually quite good yet sadly got knocked out by goal difference against a Zenit who didn't deserved to get qualified and thus forced to defend their Europa League title.
Their Europa League run was short lived, they managed to beat Maccabi Tel Aviv in the first round, but Manchester United would use them as stepping stone in the second round in a run that would end up with the red devils as new champions.
In the Serie A the team overperformed during 90% of the season as they stayed in Champions League's spots until the very last two months... where sadly the fatigue of playing so many competitions and having a squad not prepared for it at all paid a huge toll on them and ended the season only one point away from Europa League.
Their cup run was incredibly short lived as they fell in the very first round against Empoli in the penalty shootout.

Zlatan Lumic

Jun 2, 2014
(Author's note: The game regards Welbeck as midfielder, but I'll be including him in the strikers' analysis).

End of season Review (V)

Squad Analysis


View attachment 160868
Petr Cech: The Czech goalkeeper has been impressive this year and was key factor of our outstanding campaign, his performance allows him the right of keeping the starter position for another year. WILL CONTINUE
David Ospina: I gotta admit that I'm impressed with the Colombian's professionality henever complained despite barely playing any league matches and his performances on both cups were surprisingly good, I would like him to stay for one more season as Cech's backup but that situation might change depending on Timo Horn's willingness to go on loan. WILL CONTINUE


View attachment 160859
Héctor Bellerín: Regardless of what English media and the season awards say, the season this young Spaniard lad has done is spectacular. He's one of the Premier League's best defenders hands down and it's no wonder why: the lad knows when to attack, when to defend, he's blindingly fast and also proved to be quite decent at crossing... I want him to stay here for the next decade or so. WILL CONTINUE
Calum Chambers: Chambers started as Bellerín's backup and thus he wasn't able to get as many matches as he wanted at first but nevertheless he sure managed to take advantage of every chance he got and ended up enjoying plenty of minutes.
He's got quite some attention from Manchester City and Chelsea but he's not moving, he'll stay even if next season will be playing as centerback as Jenkinson's great season at West Ham has granted the right to prove himself aswell.
Nacho Monreal: If Bellerín was my main option on the right flank, Monreal was my main man on the left. The former Osasuna trainee has enjoyed of way more minutes than I would've liked due to Gibbs' long term injury but definitely lived up to the challenge. WILL CONTINUE
Kieran Gibbs: At the start of the season I thought that this lad was good for home grown players quota only, but I was dead wrong as he proved himself as a very capable player and there was a point of the season when I questioned myself if I should made him starter in place of Monreal or not, sadly for him he suffered an injury that made him lose the rest of the season... He has earned the right to compete for the left flank yet another year. WILL CONTINUE
Laurent Koscielny: Remarkable European campaign, good English campaign. the French centerback has perfomed really well overall and the only gripe I can find him is that I had to rest him way more often as I would've liked. He'll stay, although he might lose the starter position next season. WILL CONTINUE
Per Mertesacker: The vicecaptain has been impressive so far and it's no wonder why he's been chosen as one of the BPL's best defenders this season. I don't want him to stay... I want him to retire here and be forever regarded as the icon he is. WILL CONTINUE
Emanuel Mammana: He was the surprise of the season, for less than 5 millions I managed to ****** a true diamond. Despite his young age he has made an excellent season and ended up being one of my most reliable rotation players, getting more first team football than I anticipated. Chambers' relocation as centerback next season and a new signing in this area that will be joining us in just a few days will force him to go on loan to keep maturing next season (I'll only allow him to go on loan to a top flight league team) but I have huge expectations on this lad. ON LOAN
Gabriel Paulista: The Brazilian has made quite a decent season, but his lack of discipline (he's the player that has been sent off the most in the whole squad) and Mammana's surprisingly good season have seriously jeopardized his position on the team and next season is going to be even worse... The best for him will be try his luck in another team. WON'T CONTINUE


View attachment 160849
Francis Coquelin: This lad has made a terrific season as he definitely evolved from a good defensive midfielder into one of the best in the whole continent. Several teams are after him but only an astronomical offer will make question his future here (75 millions is the lowest bid I'm willing to listen). WILL CONTINUE
Kristoffer Ajer: He joined once the Norwegian season ended around December and his adaptation to English football has been impressive, the lad has become a surprisingly useful asset to the team and more than decent backup for players like Coquelin, Ramsey and even Koscielny... I have great expectations on this lad. WILL CONTINUE
Mikel Arteta: The captain's role on the team has lessened considerably due to Coquelin's "level up" and his physical decline but he still proved to be quite a useful asset on and off the pitch, he got a contract extension but he should be mindful that next season his role might be even smaller with the addition of Lewis Cook. WILL CONTINUE
Aaron Ramsey: One of the main factors behind our success, when the Welsh has a good day, the whole team has a good day. I expect him to step up and inherit both Arteta and Mertesacker's role as the leader both on and off the pitch for the next few years. WILL CONTINUE
Theo Walcott: Another player that surprised, I expected him to do a decent season but the lad performed extremely well both on the right flank and as striker when needed. Like it happened with Coquelin his good season has attracted the interest of teams like Chelsea and Man U but he won't be moving any time soon. WILL CONTINUE
Andrija Zivkovic: This lad was a gamble of sorts (and a cheap one to boot) and proved to be quite satisfactory, he hasn't enjoyed too much football due an injury prone season but whenever he was given the chance he didn't disappoint. Next season he'll be going on loan (like Mammana's case only to a top flight league team) mainly because of Gnabry's excellent season in West Brom that allowed him the right to prove his luck here. ON LOAN
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: He started the season injured and had quite a difficult time to find his place on the team, but once he got over it he became an invaluable asset for the team, he might be starter material but his abilty to play on both flanks makes him a reliable option for me. Klopp is desperate to drag him all the way to Anfield but unless he's willing to offer huge sums of money he's not moving any time soon. WILL CONTINUE
Jack Grealish: His contributions on league hasn't been the most impressive, but he became the hero of the Cups: he ended up as top goal scorer on both FA and Capital One (6 goals on each of them) and his performances there made the fans purr over and over... the hat trick against Chelsea on the Capital One will be remembered for quite a long time... He'll stay, hopefully for a really long time. WILL CONTINUE
Alexis Sánchez: His world class talent definitely makes up for his somehow hard to approach personality (I've never seen a lad that takes compliments as badly as he does), this lad has achieved the World Player of the year award and it's no wonder why as he probably played the best season in his whole life... I bet that Barça regrets selling him to us now... WILL CONTINUE
Santi Cazorla: The Asturian hasn't played as often as he would've liked (having both Özil and Ramsey as competition is quite a pain sometimes), but when he had to play he never disappointed (specially on Champions League), he'll stay but his role might lessen even more next season. WILL CONTINUE
Jack Wilshere: His name fits him like a glove: he's a jack of all trades yet master of none. He has spent most of the season injured, but his versatilty came in handy shortly after his recovery and become one of most used aces under my sleeve for the final stretch of the season. He'll stay as he's quite a handy asset to have around. WILL CONTINUE
Mesut Özil: Like it happens with Sánchez, Özil is quite a tricky player to handle... He's not the most regular player and keeping him happy can prove to be an ordeal sometimes... But when he has an inspired day he can pretty much solve you a match on his own (tell that to Real Madrid). Unless he makes an extraordinary EuroCup with Germany and attracts interest from the big clubs he'll be staying with us. WILL CONTINUE


View attachment 160817
Danny Welbeck: Danny's case is a difficult one, he's spent most of the season injured and he performed somehow decently in the few chances he had this season, however the injury has paid quite a high toll on him and doesn't seem to be any better than neither Grealish nor Austin as of now.
I'm compelled to give a chance to prove himself but his wages are huge for a player meant to be the backup of a backup. A good EuroCup with England (the **** was thinking Hodgson when he called Danny up) might spark some interest for him... which would actually solve quite a headache...
Vincent Aboubakar: The Cameroonian has been regarded as the signing of the season and it's no wonder why, he broke Henry BPL's goal scoring record in only one year and that despite spending the last two months injured! He'll be staying no matter what. WILL CONTINUE
Charlie Austin: Good ol' Charlie was brought as a backup striker and quite frankly he didn't disappoint, the lad never complained and kept working hard day after day, on the pitch his performances were also more than acceptable... This lad earned my respect and I would like to keep him around for as long as he wants. WILL CONTINUE
Olivier Giroud: He lost the starter position at the start of the season due to Aboubakar's explosive form and he found hard to face his new status on the club, but as the season went on he managed to regain his former self and became an invaluable asset for the team once again as he covered Aboubakar's gap in the last two months flawlessly and he made an impressive Champions League campaign earning the Golden Boot and becoming a club myth by scoring the goal that gave us our very first Champions League. Next season his role should be bigger due to the African Cup of Nations. WILL CONTINUE

Zlatan Lumic

Jun 2, 2014
View attachment 160636
L'Azzurra reclaims its former glory

Italy manages to get rid of the bittersweet aftertaste that the previous European Championship left them after the humbling defeat against Spain by claiming the current edition.
The Azzurra beat Portugal in the final in a match that neeeded the extra time in order to see a victor, but their path to the finals wasn't easy by any means as they had to suffer to knock out Netherlands (penalty shoot out) in the second round and both Germany and France by a measly 1-0 win in the quarterfinals and semifinals respectively.

This tournament had its fair share of surprises like Austria that managed to finish first in a group with both Spain and England, Wales who got all the way to the quarterfinals after finishing first in a group with Netherlands and Ukraine on it thanks to neither Aaron Ramsey nor Gareth Bale but Sam Vokes! Whose spectacular performances allowed to end the tournament as the bronze boot, and Switzerland who got all the way to the semifinals and were only one goal short from the finals.

The most disappointing performance was the one seen by Spain as they barely managed to qualify from the group stages as one of the best third teams and got knocked out in the second round against Germany.

The tournament has already paid its toll as managers like Roy Hodgson, Joachim Löw or Didier Deschamps amongst other have left their position at the end of the tourney.

View attachment 160633
Italy manages to claim back its glory in a tournament full of surprises.
View attachment 1041888
¡Vicente basta ya!

Despite their poor performance in this last European Championship and the pathetic display shown during the last three years where Spain get to show their most ridiculous side to the whole world in the Confederations Cup 2013, World Cup 2014 and European Championship 2016, Spain's current manager Vicente Del Bosque refuses to step aside.

It seems that whatever little credit the "Marquis" still had it ran out completely as people back in Spain are downright sick of his false promises of him leaving after the "next tournament", his pathethic attempts of generational take over... like players such as Ayozé Pérez, Adrián San Miguel or Ander Herrera are constantly neglected despite its performances or players like Sergio Asenjo or Héctor Bellerín who despite being called up frequently in the last months have been denied the chance of debuting... even in measly friendlies.

Fans throughout all Spain are desperate to see a "generational take over"... in the hot seat, but apparently the good old Marquis is too busy enjoying his undeserved payrolls to step aside and allow new blood to resurrect the "Furia Roja"'s good name.

View attachment 1041896
Stop it already Krusty! It's not even funny anymore...

Zlatan Lumic

Jun 2, 2014


View attachment 160377
Overall: Like it happened last year, it was a short yet really satisfactory pre-sason. The European Championship conditioned the the way of designing it but in general terms I think I did a more than solid job at it.
We started the pre-season with the always mandatory match against the youth squad which served as first impression for some of the new faces at the first squad and the lads managed to hammer the "kiddos" 5-0.
Next match was against Gent, a team that played Champions League last season, our lads pretty much cornered the Belgians since the start and I still don't understand how we were able to score only once when whe shot 30 times...But oh well, we got a win... not the most convincing one, but a win nonetheless...
We visited Elland Road for the next match as a part of the agreement for Lewis Cook, the team managed to play incredibly well and got a convincing 0-3 win.
We played with Dukla Prague, while the rival was not the toughest around they were still a team from Czech Republic's top flight league and understimating them would be a mistake, the Czechs put up a brave fight and the match was surprisingly even at some points but our accuracy was too much for them and in the end we claimed a 5-1 victory.
It was time to move to Germany in order to play a short stage (only two matches): the first match was against 2.Bundesliga's squad Union Berlin who started scoring first but we managed to turn the tables on them and get an overwhelming yet somewhat short 1-3 win.
The second and final match of the stage was against Borussia Mönchegladbach, a team that not only played Champions League last year but that also managed to make us sweat in order to knock them out... this time around... We steamrolled them, the team that beat both Barcelona and PSG in Champions League last year lost 0-7 against us... I've got no words at how well my lads played.
After such a performance we went back home to close the pre-season against another team that played Champions League last year, my former team... my beloved AC Fiorentina. Like it happened to Gladbach the Viola were pretty much unable to handle us and suffered a humbling 5-1 defeat.

Match to remember

View attachment 160366View attachment 160365
Unlike like year I'm unable to choose a match to remember since the performances on the last two matches were way beyond superb, the lads pretty much steamrolled teams that performed more than decently in the Champions League last season.

Pre-season's MVP

View attachment 1042183
Gnabry's loan spell at West Brom has done wonders on him, he has been the most constant during the whole pre-season getting high scores in almost any match he played (his pre-season avg.rating is 7.80).

Other News

-Vincent Aboubakar claimed the Golden Boot award thanks to his 31 goals scored, he beat Romelu Lukaku (30) and Robert Lewandowski (28).
-Arsenal has established and affiliation link with Fenerbahce, the gunners will be able to loan players to Fenerbahce and will have the first option to buy players from them. This link will also prove beneficial as way of getting youth talent from Turkey as Fenebahce's academy is one of the best of said country.
-Lots of changes in Europe's great national teams hot seats: Rudi Garcia leaves AS Roma in order to replace Didier Deschamps, Roberto Martínez gets to take over Roy Hodgson after a great season with the Toffees, Germany ridicules itself in the eyes of the whole European continent as Joachim Löw is replaced by former Red Bull Salzburg's manager Ralf Rangnick... apparently winning the 2.Bundesliga is more than proof enough to train the "Mannschaft"...
-...After more than a month and half of deliberation, Spain finally sacked Vicente Del Bosque. Former FC Barcelona manager Luís Enrique Martínez was appointed as his succesor.
-Óliver Gil has been linked by the Spanish media as one of the most solid candidates as FC Barcelona's new manager. Despite the veracity hidden behind such speculations, Arsenal's current manager has denied any interest in leaving the Emirates Stadium any time soon.
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Like a glove!
Feb 5, 2009
What tactics do you use? Please post a screenshot.

If you've legitimately won every single game of the season, then fair play to you. But you do use the In-Game Editor, which may give people the wrong impression.

Zlatan Lumic

Jun 2, 2014


Mike said:
What tactics do you use? Please post a screenshot.

If you've legitimately won every single game of the season, then fair play to you. But you do use the In-Game Editor, which may give people the wrong impression.
A couple of them are tactics from this forum if my memory recalls correctly, and the third is from FM Scout, I use a semi plug and play approach of them (I tweak things on them when I feel it's necessary), I'll post a screenshot of them when I open the game to take screenshots for my squad analysis if that's not too much of an inconvenience.

Thanks, I've been trying to get a flawless season in a history for years so I'm pretty much delighted to finally have been able to nail it (now if I only could managed to score a 35m goal in a Pro Evolution Soccer...^^)).
As for the second part I've already mentioned that I would only be using it for minor background edits for my character (such as making him favorite employee of 1860 Münich and Fiorentina) and that's pretty much it...
I haven't done anything wrong and I don't see why should I feel guilty for doing what I like and the way I like it... If people wants to think ill about me there's nothing I can do to stop them can't I.

Anyway thanks for dropping by... even if it was only to accuse me of cheating that is.

Potg23 said:
No way you can win every game in the premier league. I think we know why you have edited before and during the game!
As I told, you're free to think ill and badmouth both me and my work so far in the save (even bad publicity is publictity after all, and maybe will serve to attract people who genuinely comes to enjoy the story rather than comes to toss a few good jabs at the author).
So yeah, thanks for the free and destructive criticism (I hope you don't mind being permanently added in my ignore list from this point on though).
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Apr 13, 2016
No way you can win every game in the premier league. I think we know why you have edited before and during the game!


Jul 15, 2010
Impressive job! Have managed unbeaten seasons in the PL on this FM, but never a perfect score! So kudos.

Zlatan Lumic

Jun 2, 2014
(OoC-> I'll be retaking normal activity once again in a few hours, since now I'm short on time (dentist appointment in less than 2 hours), next post will be the squad analysis)
Tactical Corner

As kindly requested just a few hours ago, I'll procceed to show the tactics the team has been user so far.

Tactic #1

View attachment 159449View attachment 159448
This the team's default tactic so to speak, basically takes advantage of the strength the squad has on the flanks (specially the right since Bellerín adds himself to the attack quite often) and the ability of all my strikers to perform effectively as complete forwards (specially Aboubakar).

Tactic #2
View attachment 159447View attachment 159446
I use this tactic against the big teams and in European campaign, it's really useful to catch opponents off guard but whenever I use it the team ends up having less ball possession than usual, so I might be replacing it with custom tactic made from scratch in a not so far future.

Tactic #3
View attachment 159445View attachment 159443
This the tactic I use against smaller rivals or whenever I have trouble on the midfield (be it injury crisis or when my AMCs are in poor match shape/exhausted), what can I say... I love the old 4-4-2 ^^

If there's anything else you need, just ask and I'll post it ASAP.