Ha Ha!


Sep 17, 2005
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forgot all about this untill just now, was playing Sean at pro ev yesterday morning Parma Vrs Udinese im in the red Sean in black. It's 0-0 tough game plenty action and tough tackles etc etc and sean does this....

Laugh At Sean
Sean is no longer my brother!
Haha! I've done that before too.
Haha class. Made a bad day at work a lot better!
I hate you all :(
was showing it about work today aswell Sean sorry :D
haha oh dear sean, you rubbish at pro evo, im much better :)
Haha, thats ace.

Sherry managed an even better own goal than that last week against me, i'll try and post it if i can.
I scored a lovely own goal last night, was playing online and was winning 3-2. 80 minutes on the clock so I was just keeping possesion and I have the ball just outside my box and notice I have a plyer free on the wing so I go to play a long ball but my defender swivels and lobs the keeper into the top corner like Cantona. :(

The controller was broke by the way, I don't suck. :(
yeh yeh lee whatever...you suck ;)