Had enough of Pure Virtual Function Error


Sep 6, 2009
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I've had enough of this error crashing my FM 13 save, i was in the middle of beating Tottenham 2-0 when that horrible crashing noise happened, and the error message came up.

Anyone know why, and what to do to remedy it?

If not, im gonna have to knock it on the head!!!
not sure on that one mate, can't say I have seen it before..

maybe GPU error?
Hi your files are corrupted-ish. Try re-installing Football manager, and make sure everything is deleted and no files are left behind.
Back up the files to a portable hard drive or something so u dont have to redownload fm2013 unless you can or want to or you install using CD.

or do a disc cleanup. click on the start button (bottom right) and search up "clean" and Disc Cleanup should come up, Select your drive and make sure you tick boxes on Temporary Internet Files, Temporary Files, Downloaded Program Files and Setup Log Files + any others you'd like :)

Hope this help.