Hamachi Network game - 1-2 players needed


Jun 20, 2009
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We currently have a game underway, altho it is only November 2011. basically it's a world super league, set in England and containing the best of the best. There are 5 of us, we play most nights, roughly about 6ish till about 12ish. We all play for fun, enjoy friendly banter and have a competitive yet enjoyable game. There are 1 or 2 rules but none that should be hard to abide to, such as non-use of transfer clauses, bidding on other players' staff etc. Please only apply if you have played a network game before, and are UK based as we move fairly quickly, and have the game already started so we would just want to crack on. Please reply here if interested, cheers

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Forgot to note - The team you be will be determined by a 'Raffle' as this was the method used for everyone else, it makes the game a bit more fun not knowing who you will be :)
Is hamachi 100% save, because you cant play some other games because of that
If there is room still i will join. Havent played online since 2009 footie man but i imagine its all the same still?
its also over 21's only i'm afraid, as we just had another child join who couldnt keep up and therefore quit the game after buying/selling without saying a word *Witsel *cough. not saying all under 21's will be the same but we have had numerous bad encounters, sorry oO)

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could admin please close this topic, as i am re-posting with advanced details on the critera... apologies for double posting. Thanks
I would like to participate. Send me details please