Mar 8, 2009
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never seen a team with this low points before, thoughts ??
81 more points and they would be champs!

No wins, do they still have a manager.
They had 8 in my first season... lol at the mighty saints in 7th :p
I'm sure they get relegated in the first season 9/10 times.

Loving the table though, Celtic reignin' supreme :L
Post in Funny/Random Things in FM2011 thread next time

Hamilton have still not been relegated in 2019:p Corby were in the BSP and got relegated with 53:O there was 15 points between the last pla off place and Corby:p
In my game Hamilton have 3 points from 13 games. Lost their first 7 games in a row
Last time I saw something like that was when Sunderland finished with 15 points a few years ago.
Lol, that's even worse than the 11 points we got when we was in the Prem!
I heard Howard Webb was leading those 4 draws they got
My first thoughts were how have you drawn 9 times and lost 5 times. Should have posted in the funny/random thread btw.
I had a team with 6 points on 08, but don't have a screenie any more for obvious reasons :p