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Nov 30, 2010
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i am playing a 4321 with hamsik in one of the mc positions next to either essian or sissoko what role shall i give him,in the amc position i have got pastore.
mate, i was playing with Napoli and Hamsik was making wonders as an advanced playmaker with attack duty, i got to win Seria A and advance till semifinals of CHL with his goals and assists .. definitely worth a try ..!
Marek Hamsik - Advanced Playmaker(Attack), also functions well as a Trequartista(Attack) in the AMC position
i retrained him as a forward on last years game and played him as a deep lying forward. he had everything :D
I use him in centre mid because of his heading/jumping attributes, along with acentre mid - attack role. So not only does he defend by winning headers, but bags in goals and assist. Currently has 2 goals and 2 assists in 2 games in my Napoli game.
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Central midfielder - Attack .......was a beast
he can play most CM/AMC roles and i found he's good as advanced playmaker and box to box midfield
CM/AMC hes a good finisher and a good player but always overshadowed by pastore in my roma team, he got relegated to CM. Pastore would plenty score goals but his assists were amazing from AMC so in your position id play pastore amc modric cm in an attacking role if your formation permits it.
Is it adv.playmaker attack is the most suitable for him to get lots of gols?
I have been playing him all over and he just cant seem to play well in any position..... havent had him too long might still need to settle in?
Can play most midfield roles. I'd use him as a central midfielder - attack.
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