Jan 15, 2010
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Sorry i didnt know where to put this thread,
But i have a hangover and have game at like 1 and i have to go to it
what do you recomend i do for it to stop me feeling like **** etc?
please dont post things like 'you shouldnt have drunk anyway'
also what should i do if this happens in the future ?
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and in future you may try drink cooking oil before drinking
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Drink a pain tablet and plenty water before going to bed in future...for now try having an oily breakfast.
Eat a fried egg sandwich. Works a treat. But make sure you give yourself 30 minutes for it to settle.

Next time - save the drinking for another time hahah
Next time - save the drinking for another time hahah
well i woke up the next morning with a text saying we had training haha
Drink a bottle of Vinegar washed off with a bowl of gin soaked banana's....
That'll make you avoid going over the limit again don't worry :)
Get to a shop and buy Resolve. Usually helps mate.

Or drink a load of water and a paracetemol or two...
Get to a shop and buy Resolve. Usually helps mate.

Or drink a load of water and a paracetemol or two...

Resolve before training, are you mad?

He will be spewing all over the place haha!
On the way to training find a cafe that does a decent English breakfast.

Worked for me after prom night :)
I don't usually get hungover, but when I do the best way to clear it (in winter) is to just go stand outside in the cold. Or cold shower, but fresh air is better.
You need to get rehydrated. You can get soluble powders for this and they work well that contain electrolytes. You are still going to feel like **** anyhow so no matter what you take your performance is going to be under par. Suck it up and get on with it.
My Papa was a big drinker (being Northern Irish) and it actually killed him in the end. His hangover cure was as follows.

1) Raw Egg
2) Bottle of tonic water - Down in one go! (brings up the gas)
3) Boiled Milk with Baileys and Whiskey mixed in.

turns out my training was cancelled because of the snow haha
keep this thread open anyway incase it happens to someone else or something ?
Lots and lots of water. And any food you can eat without throwing up again. My personal favourite is oatcakes and cheese for some reason, it seems nicer than all other foods at that time!
Drink as much water as physically possible, although too much will obviously make you sick! Eat greasy foods and get loads of fresh air.

Some of the suggestions on here are scary :/
The main thing when getting rid of a hangover is to get rehydrated. But it's a lot easier to avoid a hangover. Take some painkillers and drink water before going to bed. And from personal experience avoid drinking all sorts of stuff that isn't naturally brewed and is actually just spirit, water and some chemicals for taste and colour. Pure vodka, beer and ciders are the best.
having a hangover is mainly due to your brain being dehydrated. so drink plenty of water( just water), and have a good fatty breakfast.

it would of been best to have had a litre of water before bed though, that often prevents a hangover.
pasties are the best thing more me

also if you live near greggs your sorted, best hangover recovery pasties in the world