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Hansi Flicks Bayern 4231


May 25, 2020
Hansi Flick Overview
Like most of Europe's biggest clubs, it is no longer acceptable to just win, they must do this in a progressive and entertaining style. Under the previous manager, Kovac Bayern had become stale and predictable. Under his assistant, Hansi Flick Bayern were been reborn and stormed their way to another famous treble.

With Flick Bayern mostly lineup in a 4-2-3-1 formation, the resurgence under Flick can be attributed to three changes he made.
  • Firstly Bayern went back to playing out from the back as they had done under Pep Guardiola.
  • Secondly, they now focus on attacking in the wide areas creating overloads in the half-spaces to devastating effect.
  • Lastly, there is a huge importance placed on counter-pressing these three changes transformed Bayern back into a powerhouse of European football.
Check the video out below for a detailed analysis of Flicks tactics.




May 3, 2010
the main philosophy is not so different from Jupp Heynckess treble winning with Bayern but then the roles are different he played with two anchors this looks like more attacking and higher tempo , nice. I liked how Bayern play they look like they have two lungs each player its unreal how much ground they cover with that tempo btw take a look at this if you have time its old but it can work . Mby you can inspire yourself with the crossing because i think that is the main thing they are lacking this season the best crosser is freakin Kimmich from DM , before it was Ribery , Robben and Lahm who put crosses into the box so if you strugle in that area take a look at this instructions Steam Workshop Bayern Munich 2012/2013 treble winning | FM Base (fm-base.co.uk) . I would love to see how these two styles fares in multiplayer vs :D so if you want message me we can try