Feb 6, 2009
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Name: Harry Novillo
Club: Lyon
D.O.B: 11/02/1992
Nationality: French
Position: Attacking Midfielder (Right)

acceleration, pace, balance, fitness, strength, technique, dribbling, determination

teamwork, positiong, passing, crossing, creativity

Description: Promising Winger
Personality: Fairly Loyal

Suggested Roles:

Winger - Attack (dont cross oO)) nah kidding, he is still young


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Maybe put his individual training focus on "Crossing" (for a very long while) to try and get it to around 12-14 and he'd be a great winger able to cut inside or cross the ball..
2014 Screen -

yeah, you can specify that, I just added myself as United manager after the holiday to see his reports etc... Leading winger :)

that was all AI controlled development :) he would be a lot better :) if trained by human manager
Hmm looks a good player, can perhaps get one of the older players to tutor him and make him concentrate more on crossing in training.. will turn out a good player.
yeah, I dont have an experienced winger to tutor him, he and Giannis Fetfatzidis/Saivet are/were my 1st choice wingers on the right :) would benefit from a good tutoring most definately :)
hes playing great in my roma save i had him tutored by rodrigo taddei.
that is quite a good number of assists there, nearly 1 a game :) in the Serie A
yeah ano mate i have been surprised by him so far an still time for him to get even better, i'll keep you updated :p
I did but I don't play the save. He was tutuord by Jonas Gutierrez and after focusing on his crossing he was decent.