Has anyone else seen this?


Jun 1, 2006
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I have just started a game with AC Milan and Ronaldo hasn't been playing well, anyway i see that he is unhappy because he has personal problems. So i right clicked on him to offer him to clubs because he is considering his options, anyway for the first time (for me anyway) in any fm game it showed the option of giving leave of absence for a month. So i decided to do it because he might come back happy lol :D and start playing well. Just wondering wether anyone else has had this and if they had did sending them away make them happy?
yeah,seen it before, don't think its new :p
oh right, i must have just kept my players happy all these games lol :p
I don't think it's carbon flex. I have it and I don't remember it looking like that.
The skin is black aura, i think its on sortitoutsi. the background was from a background pack i found on that same site. Oh yeah by the way Ronaldo came back just as bad and now has personal problems again, so has anyone got any ideas for a new top class striker, ive got 19.75m
toni? iaquinta? iaquinta's always good wen i play italian leagues
Funnily enough, Gonzalo Higuain
yes ive seen it before but what skin are you using that looks good m8
well i decided to buy Higuain after all the hype on here lol, 3.3m from Real upfront and then 4.4m in installments coming at the end of the season. I have also swooped for Huntelaar for 13.25m and carlos acuna for 3.3m. I am tryingto offload Ronaldo who is still worth £26m so if i can get around £18m ill be happy, and Ricardo Oliveira aswell. I did buy Nelson Valdez in January and he's done ok 9 in 15 starts.
Keep us posted on Higuains progress
Probs the right thread to post this is, any1 seen this with the PR comments before?
ooo never seen that before, some of my donkies make mistakes alot though but never apologise or wateva!!
Yeah i saw that on my pompey game. Sol Campbell wanted to help djimi traore over his mistake which cost me a win against newcastle, but carlos vela was very angry lol. And yeah Traore came out in the press saying he was sorry.
Another first on fm for me, i haven't got a screenie sorry (power cut :irked: ), but my board wanted me to bring in a couple of world class high profile players.

Anyway i wanted a defender and a centre mid, so i bought Micah Richards because he's young and i think he has potential, i didn't care that he wasn't a megastar.

Then to please my board i made sure that the centre mid i bought was going to be a player with high reputation. So i seigned Cesc Fabregas for £18.5 million and my board was happy with me because i did this.

Then 2 days before the transfer window closed i get a message from Silvio Berlusconi saying that he isn't happy that i didn't heed his advice in buying a couple of world class players n then he said he hopes im going to be busy in the bext couple of days. But i only had 2million left so couldn't do anything.

Here's the funny bit he went and bidded for a left mid from mallorca i think Arango? I think that's him. He bidded 14.25 million and then when it was accepted offered a contract and he joined my club lol. Anyway then i had a power cut and lost where i was up to.

Sorry it was a bit of an essay, just had to explain it without a screenie