Has anyone ever used Dreamweaver?


Sep 22, 2005
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Im using it to make a little portfolio for my graphics. I have made all the graphics and buttons etc. It will be a n00b's question and seem very obvious once i get the answer but its annoying me. My problem is that I have put the layout of the side menu and banner etc on as one image. I also have put on a rollover button BUT I cant get the button to go on top of the layout image! Its like on microsoft word where you just change the text wrap but I cant find anything like that so my question is how do I put the button on my other image?
I used to use it for html and stuff so if you need a hand let me know.
where did you get the 100s of pounds for Dreamweaver ;)
He's obviously just using a trial Gregor. I'm sure he will purchase it after the 30 days aswell. :)
Of course, Lee is right, thats why i would like a quick solution.