Has this ever happened to anyone?


Apr 6, 2009
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Basically as you can see from the above image, my player "Oscar" is apparently on international duty and has been since December, it says that he is supposed to return on the 1st of January 2015 but it's now the 24th February and the Brazil national team hasn't got any international games until the 21st of March. My first thought is that this is a glitch, but I am wondering when or if this guy will return and are there any steps I can take to get him to return. This is on FM classic and it is the latest version of football manager (13.3.2), any help will be greatly appreciated thank you :)
Must be a glitch, apparently the latest version (13.3.2) has some more bugs than the original..

Just hopefully it fixes itself, otherwise it could be permanent.. i cant think of any other solution really.. Unless you take over the Brazillian national team and drop him from the team, that could fix it..
thanks for the suggestion, I tried adding a new manager to take over the brazil team but it wouldn't let me (maybe because this is FM classic so you can't manage national teams?) anyways I guess i'm just going to wait and see if he returns.