Version 2 better then original one?

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in the beginning of the season I struggled with V1 so I made V2 which was good and brought the team back to the track but anyway I returned to the original one, try them both but for me I see that V1 is more consistent

for anyone looking for good filters for any kind of tactic formation, this is a great help in finding the right players with the right stats!

i had no time yet to post results since my work has taken me most of my free time (cant stay kids forever and play FM like there is nothing more on the world xD ) , but i soon as i get some i will post it for sure! ;)

A brilliant ( and not 3 CD strikerless (they are awesome btw but the plays are boring imo, but hey they do get the results) ) tactic! what more can we ask? :D
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:) and no OI's.

No OI seems the way to go! ;)

ANd if you play Instant Result a *** Man with Good Determination (press conferences so he doesnt chicken out) and Motivation (team talks and ingame shouts) is a must! Thanks to @TommiHelm for this! ;)
if you set a higher defense line, the defenders would be closer to the midfielders. That would make it more difficult for the opponent to get through.
BTW Really great tactic. I'm using V1
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Master tactic! :wub:

My friend, congratulations. I had lost all hope of finding a great plug and play 442 for FM17. What can I say, you not only made it, you made it big time! The way a team plays with your tactic is just amazing, gameplay is a feast to the eyes, with wingers, strikers and CM always passing the ball around beautifully, with goals coming both from crosses and trough balls. Great upfront, with strikers scoring like crazy, and very solid at the back. And you did all this without using 3 DC or strikerless formations. As I said before it's sad this as come so late, with FM18 arriving. Even so I will play FM17 for a couple of months (waiting for all the crucial patches for FM18 to come out), so I started a brand new save just to use this tactic. Using predicted last Falkenbergs in the swedish league, with only 4 free signings. I'm using the original tactic as results have so brilliant, that I'm not going to change what is so near to perfection!
PS: it really reminds me the way my beloved FC Porto plays this year with Sérgio Conceição.
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Hi, what is your experience with this tactic compared to scavenger? I have played a bit with both and Scavenger is a very solid tactic that produces results, no questions about that. But for me is a bit boring as I just can't get my star strikers firing, they barely score.

In this tactic they do score loads, but so far it has seemed a bit more hit and miss to me than scavenger and leaky in defence, but it might just be my players.
I have tried both with my Atalanta team in 2021 and I have won the league the last 3 seasons putting together a team of the great homegrown players Atalanta have in this game before the transfer update.
I was champion in the first season without being defeated. I lost six consecutive seasons in the second season.
started a new save with leeds united, going pretty well so far with V2 of tactic, only transfer in is essien on a free, looking good so far
anyone can share tactic please?