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Nov 11, 2015
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- The first twist comes out of nowhere, a sensational coup for United who hires our attacking winger Mitoma, the Japanese wasn't part of the coach's plans. An excellent deal given the 50M. The 4-3-3 formation chosen by the coach created discomfort for the Japanese player who immediately accepted the destination of Manchester United.

- The transfer of the Japanese therefore paid off as thanks to his transfer, we signed the left back James Justin from Leicester for 10M, Hugo Duro for 21M from Valencia for the attacking department and the Koopmeiners midfielder from Atalanta for 40M.



This season we have done very well, a season which has seen us confirm the 433 formation for the entire year with four defenders, three midfielders, two in line and one central player further back and forwards with two more advanced, one slightly further back, a formation that it guaranteed us to get to the Champions League as we can see from the ranking table, achieving an excellent fourth place and I would say that I am very happy with how it went.

As regards our progress in the cups, however, we could certainly have done much more but I consider myself very satisfied with regards to the Europa League where only Barcelona kicked us out but we went out with our heads held high and we had almost reached the final dream. instead in the national cups here too we certainly had to do much more, we could certainly bring a cup home and from next year we will try to improve our performance.

As far as statistics are concerned, I am very satisfied with our striker Ferguson who has collected 19 goals as the best striker and the new Dutch signing Koopmeiners has done very well providing many assists, the two players have been fundamental in winning, I repeat, the Champions League and it is like a victory really big for us.


We played practically on equal terms against Barcelona. The first leg was 2-2 which doesn't give us much hope and in fact we fall 3-2 to Barcelona, still playing our football. proud of us who made it to the quarterfinals.

As for some matches, the worst defeat in France against Rennes 5-1 in EL sensational K.O ,
Best league win against Arsenal 4-1.

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NEWS ALERT !! On-loan Barcelona striker Ansu Fati will not be considered as no offer will be made to keep him at Brighton.
The hot names to replace the attacking Barca school are Gnonto of Leeds and A. Correa of Atletico Madrid. A double blow cannot therefore be ruled out



Market for the new season who sees us spending the right amount by purchasing players useful to our 4-3-3 confirmed game formation for this season. We lost Ansu Fati as per rumors, the loan ended, the cost was prohibitive and for this reason we decided to focus on two players Correa from Atletico Madrid and Gnonto from Leeds, two bets. Furthermore, we are also strengthening the midfield with his lesser-known but no less strong brother on the future Joel Bellingham from Sunderland.
For the defense Lenglet arrives from Barcelona

Moder and Undav are the most important transfers we have made to players who were no longer part of the Brighton Albion project

We confirm the 4-3-3 for this season

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This season we have struggled a lot, in fact a sensational 8th place in the championship and in the cups it certainly isn't any better. Maybe the commitment in the Champions League really influenced us too much, we weren't ready?? maybe yes or maybe no...also because we have shown that we can assert ourselves in the Champions League even if we came out really badly and we'll see later.

The only certain thing is that we will not play any competition next year, even if the budget of around 80M can make us smile and plan another important chapter

The undisputed certainty is always him with 20 goals, Ferguson is our jewel this season, the young man is growing and is certainly sought after by many clubs

NEW ALERT: Liverpool on Ferguson possible departure of the Brighton Albion striker for more than 100M


As we said, we came out very badly...but the quarter-finals are truly a historic achievement for us considering the progress we have made, Tottenham beat us 6-1 after a well-played first leg won 4-2 , a real shame, this is the worst defeat of the season.
On the other hand, a nice victory, the best of the season, against the reigning champions Aston Villa also in the Champons League