Have you ever got a 10 rating?


Dec 12, 2010
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I have never seemed to get one, I think they are hard to come by? correct me if I'm wrong and let me know how you got your first.
Yeah. Read above.
Yeah. Read above also.
The list is bound to go on.
On previous FM's yes. On this one I have had a 9.9.
Personally I have never got 1 in FM11 have in previous games though, However my mate is playing a game and currently Barcelona year 2015. Lukaku scored 5 goals in a 8-0 thrasing and got a 10. It is possible just hard.
not on 11 yet, i have on all the others. milito got me the double hat trick acheivement in a freindly, he scored 6, and got a 9.9 :mad:
in one of the older FMs, i think it was 05 or 06 I managed to beate someone with Guatemala 13-0. All the players who started had 10.
And that was before the decimal ratings.. And it was easier.. In this one, it would never happen.
dzeko banged 4 goals and 2 assist, needless to say, 10/10
Terrance Makengo got me a 10 rating. Scored 5 goals in a league game and 2 assists. Mint performance!
Nasri got 4 goals and an assist against Birmingham for me.
Got a 10.0 rating.
had one in FM 2010, in my manchester City save, we beat Stevenage 18-0, carlitos tevez scored 10 goals, Cavani got 6 and also 3 assists . so far in FM 2011, the closest i got was Ezequiel lavezzi with 9.3
only one when I was on my Man City save, hulk scored 4 & assisted 2.
Babel got one in pre-season, scored four goals.