Oct 28, 2010
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Hi there,

i bought the game as soon as it came out and started playing it, i instantly ran in to problems regarding tactics I've tried a wealth of different approaches to the game but after a few months now nothing seems to be working.In my most recent game with Real Madrid C.F i thought i may have cracked it as i monitored my friendlies carefully chopping and changing where i saw weakness even keeping handwritten notes (bit sad i know), then i entered the first game of the season and won 3-0 and then played in the SSC against Barcelona and lost 4-1 away , another league match away and i won 2-0 and then lost in the SSC again 2-1 at home.It just seems that no matter what i try in different games i seem to lose after 5 matches and never gain form. the most succesfull i have been is with Everton for a few seasons but even that stopped.

In the previous FM editions i have merrily won trophies and titles but i am getting a little frustrated at not being able to accomplish anything this year.

I can post screen shots of my tactics and results if needed and any other feedback/help would be welcomed.