May 12, 2010
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Greetings, fellow FM enthusiasts. On FM11, I shone with Aston Villa ( as shown there. I was using a 4-1-2-1-2 tactic which seemed to be the best tactic for destroying teams as I remember. Chelsea always seemed to shine with it too. On FM12, I stunk with a lot of sides. I had minor successes with Swansea and Everton, but my tactic is always letting me down. I even posted another thread moaning about it: ( and this one: ( I try to simplify it, to no avail. I make it more intricate, and it will always backfire.

On FM13, my main goal was to do another long-term Aston Villa game with the focus purely on the future and flushing out the existing players so I could mould a side in my image. My emphasis has been on pressing high, so I will only sign players with good work rate, determination, team work, and stamina. The problem is that it's still not working consistently enough. I have changed around my pressing style 100's of times but I can't seem to crack it. I even have my strikers man-marking the fullbacks so they help out a bit more. I will post the tactic I have adopted, and would love some advice on how to make it better.

Note: Unless it's absolutely imperative, I don't wish to change the formation. More the player role and duties and also the team and player instructions I think need the tweaking. I want my midfield and attack to be roaming about the pitch with bags of creative freedom and pass and move play.

The tactic I'm trying to make:
  • Sweeper keeper rushing off his line to pick up loose balls. Defender collect.
  • Playing a high defensive line with offsides
  • Holding midfielder pressing to break down attacks
  • Centre midfield given full creative freedom and license to roam. Pass and move is the ethos
  • Attacking midfielder finding space to penetrate and score if the opportunity presents itself
  • Deep Lying Forward finding space, linking up with the midfield to keep the ball and create chances for both himself and my other striker
  • Poacher solely for goalscoring and the odd link up play. Breaking the offside trap is a must
I have every player (apart from centre backs) set to press the whole pitch so I can win it back with a shorter distance to goal. Here's what my tactic looks like.

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You will no doubt find many faults with it, but please don't pull any punches and just be honest. This tactic does work more often than not, but it only kicks in mid-season. I know I'm doing a lot wrong, but every other tactic I've created for FM13 is even worse. Please do not send me any downloaded tactics as I have no interest in using them.

Here's so more pictures to give you a taste of my season.

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I will post pictures of the squad very soon. I know a better tactician could win the league with the players I've recruited, but it's frustrating to be falling so short. PLEASE HELP!!!
By all means, form an orderly queue with your opinions and advice ;-). *wind blowing
I know it's a bit old, and i'm not that experienced at FM, but i would say from looking at you team, it's a bit too attacking. Maybe make the CM's as support, or box to box midfielders, and make the Full Back's have support mentality so it gives the team some width.