Having problem with improving my player


Jun 22, 2013
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Hello everybody. I have a serious question about my title. I have a player aged 17 and i want to improve his abilities. I decided to improve his positions ability such as playmaker, defensive mid and like this. He is midd player and i entered his information part, there seems where he can play best and there are stars under or above it. For example my player has a two stars both in playmaker and defensive midd and i want to increase these stars up to 4 or 5. Can somebody help me about it? Thank you.
Those will go up with his natural progression. If you want him to be an advanced playmaker, put him on that training schedule. If you want him as a defensive mid put him on that schedule. get somebody with high determination to tutor him and he will improve.
I already put him on position training as playmaker since 2 years but i have not seen yet any progression but i have not tried to get tutor for him. I will try. Thank you so much