Apr 24, 2010
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So I'm on my second season for Arsenal. Currently on top and have around 75m to spend and I dont think I can hold my City style spending spree on check for long.

So who should i buy to sate my spending hunger.

My team.

GK: Ochoa(5m ((just won european gk of year))), Almunia , Butland(1m)
RB: Sagna, Eboue , Appiah(900k)
CB: Rami(5m), Koscielny , Djourou
CB: Vermailen , Alderweilder(9m)
LB: Clichy , Gibbs , Digne (1.5m)
MCL: FaB , Ramsey , Badelj(3,4m)
MC: Song , Simao (1m)
MCR: Nasri , Wilshere , Thiago(free)
AMC: Arshavin , Hazard(16m)
ST: J.Hernandez(7m) , Walcott
ST: RVP , Vela , Benitez(1,3m)

On loan are: Appiah, Digne , Wickham, Belfodil , Sanogo and Rakitic

Will be offloaded on summer: Arshavin , Benitez, Simao , Gibbs , Eboue , Djourou and Badelj
Get Kameni, Diego Renan, Thiago Silva, Otamendi, J.M Vargas/Coentrao, Annan, and Dzeko.. for playing tru the middle i don´t think you need new signings but if you want to play with wingers buy Ribery/Robben/Elia and and Gervinho, or play Walcott as AMR.
woh that's spooky you signed near enough every player I signed; Ocoha, badelj, hazard, Alderweilder. spooky!
Personally I'd sign an amazing Cm/Dm player like rossi, or if you want a cheaper but equaly as good signing go for miguel veloso. Diego renan would be an amazing understudy to sagna too and you can't beat lucas from sao paulo, he's 19 i think and just amazing. Btw how is Badelj playing for you? He's doing amazing for me and my fans love him, avg rating of about 7.4 lst year! Btw If you worried about upsetting your fans by the sale of arshavin, don't be! I sold him to madrid for dead cheap and the fans loved the decision.
try get moussa sissoko?
also paulo henrique or Pastore to replace arshavin?
Signed butland aswell lol

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oh yeh forgot to mention one of my favorite signings, mario fernandes. He's about 20yrs old and plays at cb or rb, he never really gets demoralized if you don't play him regular and he always performs! Invaluable to my squad and only cost me like 6.9 mil. Buy him!!!!!!!
is that Christian Benitez? If so he's absolutely amazing on FM play him as an Advanced forward and he will score tons and tons of goals, for me with Malaga he was top scored in La Liga beating Messi, Ronaldo ect and his attributes just keep rising for me. Keep him whatever you do don't sell him and well done not spending loads of money and playing the game realistically like Arsenal do IRL :)
Now as i've through with second season. Didnt do any major thinks in jan. Bought couple of Brazilian regens on precontracts. Season ended with Prem champ, League Cup Champ, F.A Champ, CWC champ , ECC Champ and Euro cup winners cup champ. I was unbeaten the rest of the season. Hazard was just on fire and kept Arshavin out of the squad.

Now i decided to do two saves. One I keep playing as Wenger would and do smart purchases and try to waggle. And other i begin to spend big.

I have mostly played the big spending one now and team is like this.
GK: Ochoa, Asenjo, Butland
RB: Sagna, Appiah , Spanish Regen from Barca for 1.4m 4.5 star pot.
CB: Rami, Kos , Varane
CB: Vermailen, Alderweireld , Muniesa
LB: Clichy, Gibbs , Digne ( Gibbs stayd cos Clichys out for 3months)
CML: Fabregas , Ramsey
CM: Song , M'Vila
CMR: Paulo Henrique , Wilshere
AMC: Hazard , Nasri
ST: Chicha , Vela , Walcott
ST: Aguero , RVP

Rotation and cup matches: Sanogo , Wickham, Thiago and Thomsen ( 18yrs old regen from Denmark. BEAST value 5m already and got for free )

Well I sold Arshavin for 10m and fans are outraged. He had became an icon and i havent noticed. Other who were sold were: Eboue, Badelj ( he played worse than Ramsey , Wilshere and Thiago so he was sold ) Rakitic ( got better ones also ) and Benitez. ( got offered 11m which is quite nice rise to 1.3 i payd for him and i had too many strikers. ) Almunia was also sold because he sucked big time when Ochoa was injured. Luckily i had done precontract for Asenjo in january.

I wasnt going to buy Paulo Henrique at start but then on Olympics he was so good that i had to get him :D Now i just got offered Italy job which i accepted.
on my arsenal 2012 save Sakho (DC) the new captain with 18 influence and really good stats overall .Also M'vila its quite bad always getting a yellow-red card :<