Having to change tactic every season.


Jan 30, 2010
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Hey guys.

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this like I am.
Been manager at Lazio from the start of the game to 2015 and have won the league once as well as the domestic cup and have us in the CL for the 3rd straight year after getting knocked out by Real in the quarters last year.

But I'm just finding this one thing REALLY frustrating. Every year no matter what I have had to develop a new tactic for my squad to play with. Because at the start of the year I'll just get battered by everyone, even the newly promoted teams, with my tactic from the previous seasons but then I start winning again when I create a new tactic.

When I read on here at 1st I thought it had something to do with may squad harmony and not enough friendlies so this off season just gone I haven't brought anyone in and only sold 1 player (who never played last year) and played in 7 pre-season games yet once again I'm getting beaten by teams I should be easily beating. I haven't altered the tactic that saw us joint top with Inter on 80 points from the season before and my starting lineup is the same.

Anyone else get this?? I know people will say it's just the engine adapting to you but I don't think it should be this extreme!!