Hayward Sells Wolves In Return For £30m Investment


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Jan 28, 2006
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Jack Hayward sells Wolves

Hopefully this will build on an impressive season for us and gain automatic promotion next season. I think an investment into the playing squad of between £5-£7m should be more than adequate. I think we need 3 defenders, a box to box midfielder and a prolific striker.

McCarthy has already done a fantastic job, in getting us into the players and in the signings he's made. With a bit of financial clout hopefully he'll get it right.

McCarthys view
Lol nice deal for Wolves fans and obviously shows that Jack Hayward cared about the team which is a good thing.
pfffta tenner, i could have afforded that! Looks like Wolves will be going up next season...
u cud afford a tenner, bt no money for players
Well we all know money doesnt always buy success, I just hope McCarthy is as shreud in the transfer market as he has been so far.

Still, its a nice position to be in.