Mar 6, 2011
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Has anyone played for long enough to see the long term effects of a Head of Youth Development?
Yea I acquired the Rudolpho Burrell for spurs and my youth squad won leagues and cups but the players never really seemed to make it to my first team! Apart from th off few..
Im Also Spurs, Got Dave Parnaby as my HOFYD, and brought in Bernhard Peters as my ***.Man. so hopefully looking forward to some positive results
i would be interested to know this as well, my youth players never seem to win their u19 matches but still develop pretty nicely because of good coaching so i haven't gotten around to getting a head of youth development yet. wonder if it'd make a huge difference?
without the correct levels of COACHING staff, TRAINING FACILITIES, YOUTH FACILITIES etc no matter who you have won't make a difference! this is a pretty useless position if you ask me!

I have been playing for 5 seasons with QPR and have seen a few players not reach potential who should have with Phil Cannon as my head of youth!
In my opinion HOYD is a useless addition to FM. In my 15 season spell at Seville with all the top coaches and staff and facilities the only players that developed where foreigner's i bought when they were 15. From within the club only a handful reached the first team and just to add depth. Also, the players all the HOYDs i have tried buy, are a waste of money to say the least so i cancel those transfers more often than not. Furthermore, it seems completely random what regens i will get. With extended youth network and scouting knowledge and most years i get the "no player stands out".
when i managed tns my head of youth development did ok.. brought in a few good players who made the squad and brought through one fantastic striker at the club.. was a random regen coach.. only time its been useful though
It is more about influencing player stat distribution, positions and personality. Only has a very slight influence on CA and PA.