Hearts about to break Old Firm?

Kris sure hopes so. The joys of European qualification for him and beating the Old Firm may magically get some of his hair back.
31 points out of a possible 33, thats title winning form tbf. We'll see what they're made of on Wednesday me thinks, that'll decide whether they're in it or not :)
Rangers have 2 in hand over celtic with a chance to go 1pt ahead at the top. Hearts have 1 game in hand with a chance to go 3 pts behind celtic (i think). Hearts are in the best form at the moment, and are capable of anything.

I hope they finish in the top 2, but as long as rangers win the league ;)
I'd absolutely love it......providing Rangers are the ones pushed out of course ;D
I had no idea how well Hearts are doing. Well I would love to see the old firm be split.
Personally, I'm hoping for Hearts to come second, just beating Rangers on goal difference or something. It would be ******* awesome!
I like Hearts, and increased competition in the Scottish Leagues can only be a good thing tbh.
Yeah, it would be pretty cool imo. Can they do it? i don't know. And probably not in the long run but it would be great to see.
Hearts almost done it a few years back, but then Burley got sacked even though he was doing a good job. Romanov sacked and now you could blame Romanov for giving Scotland a **** manager and dooming Crystal palace:p
I think everyone wants them to break the old firms grip but they wont, atleast it is a sign of intent and hopefully will make more teams in the SPL step up and take points
I think they could possibly. It pains me to say but I think Rangers might be a bit screwed after losing Miller.
I dont think they are strong enough to go all the way, i cant see there form lasting the whole season. However, i can see them finishing second, behind Rangers. I definately can't see Celtic winning the league as I don't think Lennon is a good enough manager. So... Rangers champions, Hearts second and Celtic third ;)
Hearts are just a diet version of Rangers but aren't as disgusting/bigoted as Celtic and Rangers. I'd like to any Scottish team beat Rangers/Celtic to the title.