Hedman offered Chelsea contract

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Aug 23, 2006
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Goalkeeper Magnus Hedman has been offered a contract until the end of the season by Chelsea.

they need a free agent keeper and he is one , probs wont play but if needed to im sure he can save a ball

dont see the funny thing
He cant save a ball! Spesh not if its played high

He was 3rd choice gk at Celtic behind a 19 year old and Rab Douglas! He cost us several games including CL games and he retired at like 30 cos he couldnt find any team willing to take him on
Can't see him doing a job for Chelsea, not that he'll ever get the chance too.
I know yeah, although he was ok at Coventry cos they were wank.

Now Cudicini's fit, he's not even gona make the bench, and it shows the faith Mourinho has in the youngsters...not
Neh he got punted out of Conventry becuase he was ***** at crosses, he was repelaced by Kirland and he was like 18