"Helicopter Sunday"


Nov 27, 2009
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I think the helecopter will be on it's way to Rugby Park, Rangers 2-0 up already inside 5 minutes lol

EDIT: 3-0 up inside 6 minutes

Could be a rout if Killie aren't careful here lol

x2 Kyle Lafferty
x1 Steven Naismith

Title decided for me.
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Title is going to rangers as its currently:

Kilmarnock 1 Rangers 5

Celtic 3 Motherwell 0
The copters away, get in there. Less money, smaller squad, but a better manager.
Weaker Squad but better manager wins the league for rangers
To take it to the last game of the season after the year neil lennon has had is an achievement, well done bhoys :D theres always next season
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It's "helicopter."

Oh well, there's always next year. Congratulations Rangers!
Well in lads :) Thats quite an achievment to win the league, 93 points is a colossus total on a far smaller squad, I really do love this Rangers team, and hey, another crack at the Champions League next year :D WATP. :)
Just the look on the orangutan's face made it all worth while for me!
54 and many more... WATP. Who would have thought it after the Dundee United game.
This one's for you Watty, arise Sir Walter!
If Kyle didn't get injured it would be our title.
If Kyle didn't get injured it would be our title.

Haha! Doubt that very much. We have Gary Glen and still couldn't win the league. What can Kyle offer that Glen can't I ask you Kris?
Well done to Rangers, and great send off for Walter Smith. Genuine guy and excellent manager. Lots of respect for him. Sad to see him retire.