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Hello Everyone

May 18, 2013
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hello everyone and hop you have a pleasant time reading this

I am a normal 19 year old that does a part time job in London I am doing me A-levels right now and i must say- they are really hard. Occasionally i get the spare 3 to 4 hours when i am at home doing nothing so now i have started playing FM 2013. This is a great manager game, The best I have ever played in my life!. I am currently managing Manchester United ( My favorite team since i was 4!) and i am half-way through my first season. At first i was struggling to get to now how the game works but then i have found this amazing website and now i have learned all the basics and i am starting to learn the complicated stuff. I have downloaded some of the tactics and in my opinion the GoalsGalore 2012 v3 (Napoli, May 2012) tactic is the best. I am first in the premier league with only 3 losses and i have progressed further into the capital one cup, the fa cup and the champions league. Got some hard fixtures coming up( Champions league:Barcelona Quarter Final, Chelsea- FA Cup 4th round and Liverpool- Capital One cup 5th round). Hope i win all of these.

Thank you for reading