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Feb 3, 2013
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Hi everyone.
My name is Julian. I started playing FM since 2012 and I'm in love with it even though I am not that good making tactics and such xD. I have also FM handheld version for Android(my Nexus 7) and PSP, and obviously the pc.
I just bought FM 2013 a few weeks ago and I like the new interface and every thing they added in this version that I also thought was missing in the previous one.

I'm from US/Mexico(I was born in US but I live in Mexico, in the border of Mexico-USA) and I always loved football(yes, I call it football like how it is supposed to be called and not the other sport in US that is "also football") anyways I like watching the games in TV mostly the Barclay's Premier League or EPL or just premier league xD, and sometimes the league in my country(not MLS), the Liga MX, but its nothing compared to the premier one.
I like some of the clubs in the premier like Chelsea, Swansea, and Manchester City but the one I like the most is Arsenal.

Well thats all for me. Hope I can learn a lot from you guys like tactics, how to make them, everything xD. See ya.