Mar 27, 2010
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I was wondering if someone that knows alot about tactics could possibly answer some questions for me, either on here or via private message. I've played fm for many years now but i've always used downloaded tactics as i often found myself frustrated with trying to make a successful tactic. This year i really decided to take the plunge and create my own tactics and not use any downloaded tactic. I've read many guides, T&T, bible, even got the ultimate FM walkthrough guide this year. I understand many things like roles and how to create a stable formation. Where i really struggle are few areas:

- reading the match engine as far as what's going on and how to change things if going badly.
- playing against specific formations and scout reports.
- setting up player roles depending on the tactical approach (ie. attacking at home, how many roles on attack, on support on defend and so on).

I've always played as Arsenal, including this year, but i still struggle very often, especially when i'm playing away vs. lower reputation teams. At home i usually go attacking right off the bat and that seems to work just fine.

I apologize for writing a wall of text, but i would appreciate some tactical help from you guys via on here or even a private message. Thank You.

As Arsenal my prep is as such:
Attacking strategy at home vs. all
Standard strategy away vs. all (sometimes i'll go to control in 2nd half against minnows of the premiership).
Close out games last 10 mins with counter or defensive if preserving a lead.
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