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Mar 29, 2013
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Hi, my name is Robert and i play FM since i know myself. My problem is that i keep loosing every game (since a play fm i never had succes). I tried downloaded tactic, i tried to create my own tactic and still nothing. My team si allowing so many goals even though i play defensive. Everything i tried - failed. So, can someone please PLEASE tell me how could i learn to create my tactic and have succes. I pay for this series every year and still nothing. I still an amateur. I know you will tell me that I have to adapt my tactic to my players, but seriously, i tried everything, playing on attack, defense, counter, everything. I'm kind of desperate. Please help a man in need :'(. I'm new to this forum because I always thought i can still do it on my own. But now i surrender

UPDATE: Here's my current tacitc: View attachment 324612
And those are my defensive players: View attachment 324613View attachment 324614View attachment 324615View attachment 324616View attachment 324617 I allow so many goals...
My league table:View attachment 324618
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