Aug 16, 2010
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Good, recently saw an update with the league's Vatican. The funniest thing is that the creator of the update created a continent called "non-FIFA Nations, " where he put that state. This made me want to also create a continent and go "play" more with the editor. Already got the advanced editor, but still can not create continents. Someone tell me how to create continents?
Greetings ;)
Create a continent? That sounds like a job for god.

Or chuck norris.
found this online

Making a Nation's continent editable
This has already been described, I think by IJ, but I'll include it nonetheless, as you might otherwise forget about it or start looking, while it is available right here.

1. From the base working location go into the "/database" folder.
2. Open a file called: nation (XML file)
3. Scroll down until you see the line <!-- Continent -->.
4. Look for the following line below <!-- Continent -->:
<boolean id="is_read_only" value="true"/>
Note: The statement 'true' in this case means that it acknowledges that the continent value in the nation form is read only and thus cannot be changed.

5. Now change the 'true' statement in the is_read_only line to 'false'.
6. Save the file, close it and restart your editor.
7. You are now able to edit a nation's continent.

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