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Help creating a tactic for my 2014 England national side


Jun 27, 2011
OK, I'm going into the World Cup with England, and being a perfectionist, I want to win it. The problem is, my team is mediocre at best and I have been drawn into a very tough group (Spain, Nigeria who have godly regens, and Australia). I took over management just after Euro 2012, when Fabio Capello retired.
Basically, the Ferdinand/Terry/Lampard/Carrick generation is too old, and the only established player from that era I can really still use is Gerrard, and even then as a sub. Hargreaves will probably make my squad too. The problem is that the mature players in my team are the likes of Parker, Downing, Glen Johnson, Defoe and so on - and they're not really good enough to be the core of my team.

Some players have emerged as quality, and they are Shawcross, Walcott, Young and Wilshere. Plus, players I've managed at Arsenal are able to play a role in the team (JET, Frimpong, Gibbs), and of course Rooney is still a quality player, but after that I'm in trouble.
In truth, my centre back situation is pretty good, and I have plenty of players at my disposal there. My wingers in Young and Walcott are also good, with Downing and Lennon as good backups. Central midfield/defensive midfield is a worry... I usually end up playing people best suited to attacking midfield like Wilshere there.
Left back and right back are my biggest worries. Gibbs is first choice on the left; he's OK, but Johnson on the right worries me. The only other halfway decent right back I have is Micah Richards, who didn't perform well at all when I played him.
Hart is a pretty good keeper.

I have tried 4-4-2, 4-3-3 and 4-5-1s. None have given me consistent results, which is suicide going into the World Cup.

Given the strengths and weaknesses of my team, I was actually thinking of playing a narrow 3-3-3-1 (3 centre backs, def mid, 2 central mid, three atmids, striker)... but the drawbacks of that are obvious - and trying to play a pretty, narrow, short passing game with England of all teams seems like a bad idea.

So that's where I'm at. Feedback welcomed.


Aug 17, 2010
imprve ur midfield, cuz i guess by 2014 lamps and Gerrard reties. have u scouted Connor wickam or jon bostock. if possible bring in some quality english regens too.

i have also had problem managing englans, so is cappelo IRL


Dec 30, 2009
Dublin, Ireland
Well judging by that may I suggest a fluid 4-1-3-2. Possible line up:

Joe Hart

Martin Kelly----Scott Dann-----Phil Jones-----Jack Robinson

Johnjo Shelvey

Aaron Lennon----------Jack Wilshire----------Theo Walcott

Wayne Rooney------Andy Carroll

I just picked a few players id play but im biased as a Liverpool fan but this is the general idea of a team


Aug 17, 2010
i had this formation while managing england near 2015

GK:Joe Hart
DL: ryan bertard
DC: shawcross
DC: phil jones
DR: Glen J or a phil jones
MC (Auto): Rodwell / john bostock
MC (Support): Gerrad
AMR: Walcott / Lennon or my star regen
AML: Downing /Lennon
ST: Wicham, Bent (lol)

*carrol went for the scots by that time ;(


Nov 26, 2014
Try flannagan and martin Kelly for the backs.

Also, where's stturidge from Liverpool?
He's quite promising performance on field.

Sterling is also a good choice for an inside forward or wide mid (not winger, please).