Feb 7, 2011
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Hi All,

I started a season with AGOVV in the Juplier League in dutch football i fancied a challenge and thought i would start unemployed and see where i would get too.

I got promoted in my first season to the Eredivisie which was preety easy to be honest all i needed to sign was a striker with some pace which happend and he tore the league a new one.

now i am in the summer preparing and i am really struggling to find players my budget is 100K and a wage budget of 40K a week im not looking for suggestion on players but i want to know how to find gem players the search engine isnt cutting it for me and i seem to find the same standard of not good enough players no matter what i search for.

If anyone has some tips on how to find players with out looking on the message boards for recomended players and doing it by yourself in game that would be great.

Sorry if this has been mentioned before and there is a whole thread on it.

Thanks again
Perhaps you could go to a club with a good youth system and have your scouts look at their young players, as they should have more potential than the average club. It's also important to get scouts with high PA/PP and scouting knowledge, as the game will only show you players/staff at your "level" (perhaps tied to your reputation?).