Feb 7, 2011
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Hi guys,

I have a problem with the RAM and was wondering if anyone had any ideas...

I have fm11 and the RAM gradually increases as I am playing the game. I have 4gb of RAM and am playing with the disc on Vista. Over about 30 minutes the RAM increases to 3.5gb. Once it reaches this crashes.

I have tried a difference game, the sims 3, but this remains around the 0.8gb level. It appears to only be with fm11 that the RAM raises. I have fm10, 09, 08 and 07 and have never had this problem before.

I'm having to constantly keep an eye on the task manager so that when it gets to around 3gbs, I save the game, quit then reload it.

There are no other significant processes that are using loads of RAM. I play with a large database but just have the england leagues loaded. The estimated game speed is 5 stars.

I just don't know why it's doing this. Surely the game shouldn't be using this level of RAM?

Any ideas as to what could be causing it?

Re-Install, and try the stuff on this thread - HERE
Won't I lose my saved games if I re-install?
Move them to another folder out of the Football manager ones, including any editor data, then re-install, and put them back afterwards
I've tried re-installing and the RAM is still rising. I've also noticed that the CPU usage spikes from nothing to about 55% then drops back to nothing pretty much immediately. This happens every 20 seconds or so and when this happens the RAM will rise with it.

I have installed it on my Dad's PC (which is also vista) to see if the same thing happens on a different PC. It doesn't. The RAM stays around the 0.7-0.9gb range.

Any ideas?