Help! i just cant score or win a game!


Jul 19, 2015
Hi, thanks in advance for any help....

I have played fm09 for years on and off, i used to have huge success with arsenal. My last game was with basingstoke who i took all the way to europa league football, so i know i can do ok with playing weaker teams.

This time ive taking on cambridge and im now in 2015/16. i found it fairly easy getting to the championship but i am now really finding it hard to win games in my 3rd season in the championship. attracting good enough players isnt difficult but signing them is as i have no transfer funds and only 100k wage budget.

I am using the same formation i have used in the past with both arsenal and basingstoke and other teams which just does not seem to be working this time.

I thought i knew what i was doing but clearly i dont!

my strikers are not scoring and my mid field are not either. 7 of my last 13 games have been 0-0.

\any advice would be a great help! cheers