May 10, 2010
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im 5 years in a game as man utd and i really want to improve my scouting knowledge.. as the board will allow to approach my own feeder teams i just wana know if anyone knows clubs that have the best knowledge because if i add them to my feeder teams then i get that knowledge also
Just send your scouts to the countrys that you have lowest knowldge of
set 2 or 3 scouts to just scout the world then it builds slowly but surely.
As many little nation clubs as you can and coaches as well as players in your club.
Example, Amr Zaki would give you better knowledge of Egypt.
Oliver Bierhoff, better knowledge of Germany.
Ahmed Khalil, UAE ... etc etc etc
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do certain players give knowledge about their own countries?
Sign scouts that have knowledge of countries your club lacks. ie if you have low scouting knowledge of Brazil, sing a Brazilian scout, or a scout with knowledge of Brazil. Feeder clubs in foreign countries also give you scouting knowledge.