Help in finding or creating 4-3-3 the Nils Arne Eggen way


May 7, 2013
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Hello guys,
I am currently in search of a wonderful 4-3-3 tactic based on Eggen's philosophy that I used in FM 2012. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find it anywhere so I will have to go down the route of creating one myself with your help ofcourse!

Now, to give you some background on Eggen's philosophy from what I recall.. The tactic is a 4-3-3 with 3 out and out strikers with one strong Target Man in the middle. One of the mids is the Anchor or playmaker while the other two are box-to-box midfielders.

The passing is direct where the target man is responsible for holding up the play and the fullbacks provide width while the box-to-box midfielders bomb forward at every opportunity to provided support. The other two strikers also act as outlets to play short through balls to and are usually good finishers. The play almost always goes through the middle.

While defending, I recall that the defensive line was deep and the emphasis was on sucking all the pressure and then bombing forward as soon as the ball was won.

I am looking for your advice and tips on how this could be setup because the tactic I used in FM2012 was possibly the best I have ever had on any FM. It guaranteed goals every match and loads of clear cut chances. Since the weekend's here, I will be devoting some time to create a plan for my Man United save and could use your help.

Not sure on the approach nor tactic, but I can see already quite a few problems for it on Fm13
you can start by making a tactic pretty much exactly to what you have mentioned in the TC and use shouts like:

1) get ball forward
2) run at defence
3) drop deeper
4) exploit middle
I'll give it a go Raikan! What problems do you foresee? I have never been good with defensive instructions.
I'll give it a go Raikan! What problems do you foresee? I have never been good with defensive instructions.

sounds way too attacking, lots of space in midfield specifically as the 2 of 3 are pushing forwards every time you are in possession and can get caught out of position

lots of space in behind the CM line as well as the fullbacks if they are all bombing forward..

It could have worked well in Fm12 but this engine is ruthless with regards to playing the wrong settings and approach..

If I were you, something similar would be playing 3 CM's (central on being DLP - support) others being CM-auto maybe? and instead of TM having a DLF to drop deeper and link up play with two poachers or AF's in front of him
Hmmm thats a good point. I might set the full backs to support and DLP to defend? Do you recommend any existing flat 4-3-3 tactic out there to use as reference maybe?
Hmmm thats a good point. I might set the full backs to support and DLP to defend? Do you recommend any existing flat 4-3-3 tactic out there to use as reference maybe?

Don't think there are any bud, not that I know much what is uploaded to be honest as I don't use any other tactics
Okay, just beat Man City 1-0 at home while trying the 4-3-3. Not too much possession but lots of positive forward passing which was wreaking havoc in the Mancity back line. They kept clearing the ball out of play lol. Defensively, the Box-To-Box mids were doing a great job of going back to cover spaces and we restricted Man City to hopeless crosses around the penalty area. I must say that the initial signs are very positive!
I would say that whilst he mainly used à narrow formation and channeling the play through the middle, the t-balls was mainly put out wide. He tried to get the ball forward onto a player in a better attacking positions as soon as possible and using constant movement from deep to create an open up space. Here, it's hugely important to have attackers/wingforward that stays wide/ drift wide when off the ball and once in possession they should go for goal ( cut inside perhaps) or make a pass forward as soon as possible( using an winger/ complete Fc on support) along with fullbacks bombing forward. Regarding using 3 strikers or 2+ 1, 1+2, it would've down to the players at hand.

The passing should probably be of a default character for the Counter strategy but with lower time wasting ( manual tweak needed)
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Decided to implement this ( or rather Eggens) approach in my York save to see how the formation would look like.

Firstly, I used Balanced - Counter: Everything set to Default. I did not want to play too short as its in the middle of December and my pitch is in a poor state. If it had been on a better pitch, then I would have used shorter passing as it will be more direct anyway when using the shout "get ball forward". I also use the shout Pass into space.

Then, I looked at my Team to see how we could use the players to their best, getting movement from all over the place along with keeping the shape when defending.

Central MIdfielders: Here, I have 2 DMCs, one that is more of a DMC-B2B so I gave him the role of a DMC/support. The other is a typical anchorman. My 3rd central Mid has great movement and finishing so I used him as a CM on Attack

Up front, I have one player that likes to come deep and get the ball and knows how to make a t-ball so I use him as a DeepLying FC on Support , used in the Central Fc position. I also have an Advanced FC that is right footed so he is in FCright. Then, I have an inside forward/Poacher that is right footed, so him I play as an AMLInside Forward on attack or support.

The Back 4: Here, I decided to use my Right Wingback as a wingback on support and the Left Fullback as an attacking Fullback
Both the DCs are limited DC on defend

So you see, with this team, my 433 turned into the following



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