Dec 18, 2010
Reaction score
Hey guys, i'm from argentina and this is the first post i create .. i'm having the following problem: im playing a edited game and i can't get my striker to score as much as i want.. i know i'm "cheating" and probably you will laugh when you see my team but please try to help me .. Im playing a 4-2-3-1..

my two midfielders are: Busquets - Deep lying playmaker support
Song/Annan - Ball winner defend

I also have Raamsey but i can't find a role that suits him playing as a center midfielder. Any suggestions?

my attacking midfielders are: Ozil - Advanced playmaker Support
Elia/hazard - Inside forward attack
Rossi/Affelay - Inside forward attack

My attacking midfielders work great, scoring and assiting a lot .. They rule!

but my strikers are the problem.. i have Sanogo, Babacar and Neymar and i can't get them to score as much as i want .. maybe its the role? i know neymar is a poacher and sanogo and babacar can play as complete forwards but they don't score many.. what's the best role for my lone striker? i was thinking of buying torres.. if that's the case, what the best role for him?

Feel free to ask me whatever you want. Thanks in advance
but a lone striker playing as a target man ? only my wingbacks cross as i have inside forwards ...
Hola guidito! I actually agree about the target man, I rarely use a one forward formation, but when I do, the forward is usually a target man. One time I put him on target man support. It was Jozy Altidore and every year he would get about a 7.6 rating and goal/game ratio of about .9.
Probably play them as Advanced Forwards, and make sure you find the best way of supplying them. If they are good technically, then it should be to feet. If they are much more faster than the opposing defenders and you have good creative players, make them run onto the ball. If they are dominant aerially, play it through crosses and direct passing.

Then, your best playmaker should have his passing set just a little bit before Direct, so that they are, the majority of the time, aimed at the striker.