Help me choose a laptop !!


Sep 28, 2005
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and iam looking at the dell inspiron 6400 with intel processor ( the middle one )

The first one looks pretty good, but ive never heard of that make before and it doesnt seem to be on any of the retail store websites, currys, pc world, etc.

And finally iam buying this laptop for uni, so i need the usual word processing, and the only game im likely to play on it is football manager lol. Mainly i go on the internet a fair bit, so wireless internet is quite important.

And any other suggestions would be welcome!

Both links take me to a sorry not found page.
Fix the links and we will tell you ;)
i take it from the link that the second ones a dell??...

my mate at uni had a dell laptop and it was alrite (whilst it worked) :p..he had to change the hardrive twice i think and it was always breaking so wouldn't go for one of them myself..
Murali unless you plan on taking to laptop to uni with you, which is a waste of time, just buy a PC they are alot cheaper for what you get.
laptops are pretty good for uni , takin them to library, wireless net and going to and from home is made a lot easier