Sure this will be a good story! I will follow.
Interesting, Beckham would be a great role model for the England youth, Should have started in china where he is ambassador though :p but good start and good luck U21 is stressful when the first team steal your players!
Blue Screen of Death!

Had the worst Saturday night of my life when my PC just froze, then the Blue Screen of Death appeared! I could have thrown my computer out of the window! I had to blank the whole lot and spend the whole of last night installing "Windows Updates"! Now I have re-installed FM2013 and my favourite Skin FMCforFM and I will have to re-start the game as I lost my save games! Fortunately! I had all my FM stuff on a disk! Maybe I should start saving my Games to Disk too! I will create a new thread with my story once I get going...... I am ANNOYED people!

But now my computer looks so fresh! Happy days ay?

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