Jan 18, 2011
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Hey guys I have set up a new league in data editor and I have made a new club too with no players so I can buy them in game, bu I have also put them in engladn so im presuming there will be a new lwague made that I can be in if you get me, but when i load up fm and go on new game its not there and it won;t let m choose a english team only other leagues.

Help me any advice what i done wrong
so you have made a new league... have you done all the league rules and stuff
You need to put your team in that league in the editor.

Par Exemple:

Let's say you want to put 'Stockport Rovers' in the Premier League. Remove Newcastle and swap them with 'Stockport Rovers.'

This what you mean? If it is, should solve your problem.
ive made a lague called world super league that has all the biggest team in the world and ive put that league in england so basiclaly it should be as another league in england
you need to do relegation rules and all that
dont have a clue sorry mate never made a league before i hardly ever go on the editor

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i have an idea
downlaod this and jsut go on the editor... laod it up and just replace one of the top teams with the team you created
cheers m8 ill give it a try

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that file doesnt work on editor coz its an internet file it needs to be something else

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Help please