Jan 13, 2011
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This is my tactic

Who helps me? I like a team with one stiker and a playmaker. I want my striker(Dzeko) just play around opponent box to wait for the crosses or through balls(likes Trezeguet or Inzaghi) but he often moves to touchline and pass to another player.How should I change my tac to keep in the box?(It depends on my tac or his workrate so he always moves around.)
Please help me|)|)|)
I think you want Dzeko to be a Poacher?
Dzeko is not a Poacher , he is more of a Target Man / Complete Forward ,
I would look to sign someone like Jermain Defoe or Gonzalo Higuian ,
Not neccesarily them , just that type of player.
Someone who will just sniff around the box constantly , and his main focus is getting himself goals.
No you 2 misunderstand me.I don't want another striker but I just want to change my tactic to help my striker not to play wide and just play in the middle.
if you're playing him as a lone striker, put him as a target man - support, and make sure you have two wide men.
I play with 1 striker and 1AMC Trequartista and 2 AMRL.My striker often moves to touchline and pass to another attack player moves into box. So I want you to help me change something in my tactic I posted to help my striker just to play in the box or play in the middle not wide
So if I let him be a poacher so what he should closing down: own area, own half or whole pitch to help him more dangerous?