HELP!!! missing Career stats


Jan 10, 2006
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wen i look at a players career stats, they have records before 06/07 and of the current season i am playing, but the season in between the too are complately missing!!! i might hav clicked sumthin to do this but i dont know wot!!! any help??
ive attached a print screen shot to help explain the problem!!!
Never seen that before, is it on all the players or a select few?
Have you ran a save game cleaner or an anti virus pgoram, specifically AVG
"Never seen that before, is it on all the players or a select few?"

it is on every single player!!! i think i may have changed a setting to do it but i dont know wot!!!
Now now, no need for that.
Have you deleted any folders/files from your Application Data area or added any new skins recently?
ok guys, check this out now!!! i dont know wot is goin on!!! wots an AVG? if it is how do i get rid of it???
AVG is an anti-virus thing, a poo one at that.

Maybe its a bug...
:yikes: thats weird. Is there any point getting an anti-virus??

Erm maybe to stop your computer from getting infected by viruses.

I recommend patching your game and starting again 'cos it is well ****** :p