May 26, 2009
Reaction score

Playing with Man Utd, My star striker Neymar has lost it, stats into 4 seasons with him are

Played 42 scored 32, pl 45 sc 36, pl 36 sc 39 and this season im into early march and he has played 27 and scored 6!!!!

He has missed some absolute sitters, ive not changed a thing tactically and my team talks are the same, ive tried no pressure on you today to i have faith to expect a performance....
In a run of 12 games he scored 3 the other 3 goals he come on as a sub, i wanna play him but he isnt doing as well as my youngster forward regen who is 19 whos played 12 scored 8

Ive even upped the finishing training to stop him missing sitters yet he still cant hit a cows **** with a banjo!!

Idealess now, has anyone else ever had this???
Even thinking of getting rid of him in the summer transfers
who does he play with and what roles do you play them
maybe your playing him in the wrong role

Ive had as poacher for 3 seasons where he scored over 100 goals, nothing new this year still the same old poacher but teh chances he normally puts away are now ending in row z!!
how many games have you given him, in the forth season ?

he's probably just having a bad period
Sometimes strikers go through patches like that, happens to the best of them, i had Tevez score 64 goals in my first season at City, hes been nothing like the same player since though.

Might also be the AI working your team out somewhat, sometimes is best to tweak your tactics otherwise you become more predictable.