Jan 22, 2011
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Hey i am arsenal and i had a pretty great pre-season (1st season) and as soon as the campaign started my team are doing terrible. Here's my results:
Arsenal 0-1 Fulham (last minute winner)
Arsenal 0-1 Newcastle (last minute winner)
Arsenal 1-2 Liverpool (last minute winner)
Arsenal 0-0 Bolton
Arsenal 1-4 Zenit

What's wrong? I spend ages on my tactics every game but it doesn't make the slightest bit of difference!

Chamakh and v.Persie scored at least 20 goals between them pre-season and are scoring every single international match but won't put one in the back of the net for me!

I have pretty much the default arsenal squad + Roque Santa Cruz(on loan) and van der meyde(free transfer)

Any tips on scoring goals? Some games i will have 10 shots on target and the other team will score with their first attempt.

And my player ratings are always very low too.

I get LOADS of corners every game but never convert any.

And i have a massive problem with conceding late goals.

My formation is usually 4-4-2 or 4-3-3.

And also my L+R backs are playing awful.

I really need help, thanks!

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Also, can someone walk me through corners? Defending + Attacking?
Van der Meyde is not even close to being good enough to play for Arsenal. He was pretty poor playing for my league 2 Crewe side.

Try a 4-2-3-1 as that is the formation Arsenal play in real life.
Van der Meyde is not even close to being good enough to play for Arsenal. He was pretty poor playing for my league 2 Crewe side.

Try a 4-2-3-1 as that is the formation Arsenal play in real life.

Yeah i know lol but he rarely gets game time. Gonna sell him in Jan.

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Any tips on getting my strikers to score?
Rob Van Persie- Deep-Lying Forward (Support)
Chamakh- Advanced Forward (Attack)

Try getting 2 wingers behind them and Fabregas as Deep-lying playmaker set on Support to dictate play as Alex as Ball-Winning Midfielder on defend, try to go for a conventional 4-4-2 to make life easier for urself as thats the easiest formation for ur team to adapt to
Still doing awful
0-0 vs Stoke
Narrowly beat some L2 team in league cup

and v.persie broke his leg out for 6 months. Left with Chamakh and Bendtner has been out since i took control.

I really feel like this is a bug or matter what i do i can't win.

I'm Arsenal and i'm 19th in the EPL after 8 or so games........i've tried everything and it's not like im bad at the game.

Any advice?

RE: striking partnerships

Used to be RVP and chamakh

but now im playing either chamakh and Vela or 4-5-1 with chamakh as lone striker.

Im reall lacking goals
4-5-1 full backs support
song-defensive midfielder defend
fabregas-advanced playmaker attack
denilson......hmmm maybe central midfielder support?if u don want him to be the crative player train him as box to box.he will still get u assist.
both wing cut inside
and chamakh advanced forward

primary playmaker fabregas
target man chamakh mixed
3 words,
Back To Basics

Thats what i usually do, dont try anything fancy and judge players entirely on form or fantastic passes or runs they make in games, Keep them in the side as they look like they want to fight for a cause. When you grab a win the next match becomes key. If you can get back to back wins itll become easier once again. Normally certain personalities affect how the rest of the squad perform so just run though checking your players personalities to see who fits the bill for the situation your in.

Hope this helps!
Try Mantralux's Arsenal tactic, and check your teamtalks, what do you usually say to your players?
Late goals could be tactics (frustrated and attacking too much trying to break the opposition) but most likely it's a morale issue. As with wins, losses come in streaks, and you need to grind out some good results and hopefully things will change. Until then, try to ensure morale stays up, especially among your starting 11, even if it means playing your second choice player whose morale is higher and resting your starter who is lacking confidence.

Personally, I wouldn't use Chamakh as advanced forward, as you don't really want him running with the ball that much, or drifting all over the pitch. Van Persie's out, but you still have arshavin and walcott who can play as good winger/forwards, so I'd just stick Chamakh up top on his own as Deep Lying Forward with one of the wingers as Inside Forward and the other as Advanced Plyamaker/Winger. In Fabregasc you have one of the best playmakers at the start of the game, and with a highly technical and skilled squad, you should play control tactic ensuring you're cohesive enough while also creating enough chances for your team. Also, I find that setting both a "playmaker" and "targetman" for your team may make things too one-dimensional.

Keep things as simple as possible at first, and don't overdo it on the attack side of things. The fact that your fullbacks are doing poorly seems to be due to you being exposed on the wings or them trying to create too much in attack.

Also, pay attention to stats and highlights to identify any weak spots. Sometimes it's a small detail that's getting exposed by the ME.