Jan 11, 2016
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I just started a save with Woking in National Leauge, I have three long terms loan. I have terminate two long time loan with players I dont want to have in my squad. I have two problems. The first are that I cant loan players from PL to L1. I cant click on Loan it is grey, so I can just buy the player. I can use the Loan-button for L2-NL but when I try to loan the player and the club and player have accepted the loan it says you already have 6 long terms loan and terminate the loan deal. Hope somone can help me. Right know I have thre long terms loan from the Championship.
It doesn't matter whether you canx loans they still count for the season the ruling of 6 loans is for the whole season not how many you have at a club at any one given moment. It is like the rule on how many clubs a player is allowed to be registered for over a season. Once the maximum is reached that's it. As to the other matter I have no idea are the players you are trying to loan being offered out by their club?