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hi, im currently the manager of arsenal and am in the third season and have a young but talented squad as follows:

K.Toure S.Ramos P.Senderos F.Aurelio


C.Fabregas L.Messi

Henry Gilardinho

The problem is i have only a few subs (about 6) and am in desperate need of some young, talented but cheap players. CAN ANYONE HELP !! ive got a budget of £15M
Well If you're squad is already very young, why buy more young players. Even cheap veterans who are probably past their best can do a decent job-well probs not as far as a veteran. But for instance for newcastle i'm in the third season and I've got Crespo for backup, still scores some goals. I'm not sure what youngsters will be available 3 seasons in. Maybe look at Marcelo Bravo and Hugo Almeida.
Yeh Adam is right about signing some veterans as back-ups.

If you want some cheap youngsters just send your scout out to South America and he will find you a few good players.

Sergio Aguero, Cardenas, Eduardo Ratinha, they might all still be at their original clubs and you can probably pick them up for no more than £5m each.
zuniga and sanchez - anyone else at their club (cordola or something like that)
victor moses