Help needed in the murky world of lower league management


Feb 12, 2009
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After spending many an hour killing time at work reading the forums on this sight I have been inspired to start a save in the murky but yet potentially glorious world of lower league management.
The only problem is I have no clue what team I should be, what sort of tactics work and the players i should look at signing as I have only ever been big teams i.e. Man United, Chelsea, Madrid and Barcelona and found myself getting bored after a season or two as there is no sense of achievement when you sign that player who by all rights shouldn’t want to join you (after all your one of the biggest team’s in the world) or seeing you little old club that you have spent years developing, nurturing through your own blood sweat and tears competing with Europe’s elite clubs.
So I have come today cap in hand looking for advice from all those people who are lower league mangers. All I know is I want to be a team in England and take them to the promised land that the is the Barclays Premiership and beyond.
Thanks in advance
P.S haven’t a clue where to post this so if i have put it in the wrong section I do apologise.