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HELP needed on FMH2011 on IPhone

Jan 5, 2011
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I need serious help on FMH2011 on the IPhone.
I have tried everything but always got the sack in November.

I have been playing as Foggia in Italy, I have bought the best players I can with my limited budget but I still struggle.
I am expected to do well in the league so when I get dumped out of the Serie C Cup and get to mid table at the end of October I get the boot in November.
I seem to be able to score goals even when playing defensive, but teams just rip through me and score goals easilly.
I usually conceed 2 goals a game even with 'men behind the ball' and defensive attitude.

There is no editor so I can not even give myself a better transfer budget.

Is the only way to win to play as a big team?

Is there any way to edit the game on the IPhone?

Any help would be seriously welcome.


Dec 29, 2010
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I replied to your PM regarding this - but if you don't mind I'll paste my response here in case it helps others:

If you're playing attacking then you will generally give up a bit more space at the back - I'd recommend that you ensure your keeper is SOLID if using this style but also try and ensure that at least one of the center midfields has some defensive role (my preference is a deep lying midfielder personally) - or better still consider playing a formation which has a holding midfielder who'll cover the defense slightly if others push up during play (the 4-1-3-2 is my favourite for this).

Hope this helps,

PS - For the forthcoming update in January I've tuned the tactics default player roles which might help you a little also.